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New (proposed) Regulations for Wind Developments in Ontario

Click here to download the New Regulationsproposed for Wind Devolpments in Ontario.

Page 13 has a chart with the proposed new setbacks of Wind Turbines from points of reception.  The setbacks are to vary with the density of wind turbines in an area and the noise emitted. What is lacking is any REAL scientific studies to base their setbacks on


TCI Renewables Website

Some important links are hidden in this website:

TCI Renewable-Adelaide Main Page

Website with TCI’s description of the Adelaide Project.

“Nov 2007 Avian Studies Commence”you will see when you click on this link that it takes you to the only MAP of where all the turbines are to be located.

“April 2007- October 2008 Land Acquisition”, shows you which properties have been signed on for the 40 turbine project.