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Signs available

We have signs for your property. Contact us if you would like one:
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Large sign: 2'x4'
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Large sign: 2'x4'
Large sign: 2’x4′
Large sign: 2'x4'
Large sign: 2’x4′
Small sign for fence posts and mailboxes: 1′x2′
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TCI Newsletter

Wow, did everyone in Adelaide Metcalfe township get their TCI Renewable newsletter today? Unfortunately, this is the first communication most of us have ever received from this company, and it still doesn’t have a map on it. I suppose TCI thinks it is too late for any sort of protest or objection, seeing as they sped this project through silently and the due date for asking for an elevation on their Environmental Screening Report passed a couple weeks ago.  Read the rest of this entry

Some sales tactics that we shouldn’t know about…

The common assumption is that only large land owners are being approached by Wind Companies. Here is something that is happening in Adelaide-Metcalfe Township that isn’t seen elsewhere in Ontario: small lot owners are being approached with a contract that will pay them $1500  to be quiet. This generally means property owners that will be sited close to the proposed wind turbines are signing away their right to complain of noise levels once these turbines start, and are agreeing not to talk to their neighbours about the project. Do not sign anything that isn’t reviewed by your lawyer.

Our freedom of speech and family’s health is not worth a measly $1500, if any price could be put on it at all.

Wind debate won’t blow away – London Free Press

Sat, July 11, 2009

GREEN ENERGY: Opposition over alternative projects is growing across the country

As the province begins to fine-tune its new Green Energy Act, the controversy over wind power is blowing up in Southwestern Ontario again.

In Middlesex County, worried residents have asked the Environment Ministry for a full environmental assessment of a 40-turbine project north west of Strathroy.

In Huron County, the local federation of agriculture is calling for a moratorium on projects pending results of an epidemiological study on wind power’s health effects.

Alternative energy companies, such as the one proposing the Middlesex project, are paying close attention to the rising opposition.

“It has kind of taken off across the country. As an industry we are concerned about any concerns or queries people have,” said Mark Gallagher, development manager for TCI Renewables.

TCI’s’s Adelaide Wind Farm would put 40 turbines, which would generate 72 MW, on about 3,240 hectares of land north and south of Hwy. 402 just west of Strathroy.

Opponents say they have had little chance to express their concerns, which centre on the health effects of the turbines.  read more…

More information needed about wind turbines – Strathroy Age Dispatch

Strathroy Age Dispatch–July 8th 2009

by Glenn Houghton

A Kerwood area woman is appealing to other Adelaide-Metcalfe residents to join her in a last minute effort to stop wind turbines from being erected in the township until more information is known about possible negative health effects.

“Just stop until we get some studies done,” said Esther Wrightman, who recently produced a pamphlet and a website to try to increase awareness of possible health risks.

Mrs. Wrightman with help from her brother, Dan Wrightman, has been researching the effects of wind turbines on nearby residents and said she hopes to make area residents aware of the potential dangers before it’s too late.

The Wrightmans, both lifelong township residents, say they are particularly concerned with the number of wind turbines that will be located in the area of Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald School. “There are 16 within three kilometres of the school,” said Mrs. Wrightman.

With the project having gone through all of the stages for approval and a notice of completion filed, Mrs. Wrightman said she is planning to file a “request for elevation” with the provincial Ministry of the Environment by this Friday’s deadline to try to stop the project until more substantive information about the effects of wind turbines is available.  more…