TCI Newsletter

Wow, did everyone in Adelaide Metcalfe township get their TCI Renewable newsletter today? Unfortunately, this is the first communication most of us have ever received from this company, and it still doesn’t have a map on it. I suppose TCI thinks it is too late for any sort of protest or objection, seeing as they sped this project through silently and the due date for asking for an elevation on their Environmental Screening Report passed a couple weeks ago. 

We as a community are starting to feel the pain from TCI’s lack of notification and consultation. Fortunately, residents were able to research and submit 5 separate requests for elevations,  just in time.  There are residents who were not notified at all–ever–that turbines are planned for 600 m away on neighbouring property. Were residents in Adelaide Village sent notice  of the 4 turbines to be erected behind the village?

Was our elementary school,  Adelaide W.G. MacDonald, notified? Nope–no notification to either the school or the school board(Thames Valley District School Board) deemed by  TCI to be necessary. Considering that the school is adjacent to a property on which a turbine is proposed, with 16 more within a 3km radius of the school, a key notification requirement was not performed. We know that TCI was aware that there would be opposition to turbines around a school. They admit to taking steps to avoid engaging school or parents in consultation, in TCI’s own words, “to avoid any arguments in this regard and consequent delays in our project approvals.” I think the parents of these children would have appreciated knowing this several yearsago when this project was initiated, rather than when it was complete and submitted! I also think they were denied their legal right to be individually notified and consulted.

What TCI did is wrong, and the “newsletter” they recently mailed to the residents of Adelaide-Metcalfe certainly does not make us feel any better. It’s something like getting a birthday invitation for a birthday that was last weekend. The invitation list must have been lost in some pile of papers and was just rediscovered when cleaning up.

For those of you who were never notified of this project, the events were apparently advertised in the Strathroy Age Dispatch. Mark Gallagher says they also used  “the mailing list supplied by the Township for sending letters to residents”.  I want to know why that list did not include most residents of Adelaide-Metcalfe.
Many of us were subsequently missed when the “Notice of Commencement”, “Open House” and “Notice of Completion” newsletters were sent. Our frustration stems from this. We demand to know what industrial developments are proposed in our community before decisions are made that will affect our health, homes, property values, livelihood and quality of life.


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