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Province reviewing Strathroy wind farm- London Free Press

Fri, August 28, 2009 By RANDY RICHMOND


The province has begun reviewing a proposed wind farm that is blowinging up controversy near Strathroy.
But if the past is any indication, that review won’t satisfy opponents who want the province to force the proposal to go under an environmental microscope.

Of the 19 projects wind farm opponents sent to the province for review since January, none have been bumped up to a full environmental assessment, according to the Environment Ministry.

Seven are still under review, but 11 have already been turned down for a full assessment.
One proposal was withdrawn by the proponent.

Wind farm projects usually have to go through an environmental screening, but opponents can ask for a more comprehensive environmental assessment.
Five residents asked that the Adelaide Wind Farm project near Strathroy, proposed by TCI Renewables, be placed under a full environmental assessment, said Environment Ministry spokesperson Kate Jordan.

“These requests are under review now with ministry staff,” Jordan said.

She couldn’t say when the review might be done.

While they wait for word about the review, opponents to the wind farm are continuing their grassroots fight against the project and any future expansion.
Opponents have planned a Sept. 9 open house, where four speakers will outline the potential health and pollution risks of wind farms. Continue reading…


Come to our Public Information Session!

You are invited to an information session on Industrial Wind Turbines and how they may affect your health and well-being. The 3Wind urbine Syndrome/Dirty Electricity qualified speakers will be able to fill in all  your questions with real answers. This is a ‘must attend’ session, that will pack several months of self-research into 3 hours of presentations.
sponsored by the Middlesex Wind Action Group Read the rest of this entry

Health, Children and Industrial Wind Turbines

Dr. Nissenbaum, a radiologist at the Northern Maine Medical Center, conducted interviews with fifteen people living near the industrial wind energy facility in Mars Hill, Maine and on March 25th, 2009 and presented his preliminary findings before the Maine Medical Association. The purpose of the interviews was to investigate and record the health effects on those living within 3500-feet (1066m) of industrial-scale turbines. In light of our elementary school, Adelaide W.G. MacDonald, being surrounded by Industrial Wind Turbines, the quote below highlights our concerns of the health of the children that will sleep and learn in this environment

“I did not even get into the issue of the sixteen children who live there. The WHO (World Health Organization) has identified children, along with the elderly, as being particularly susceptible. This would require a fair amount of time, and special expertise, as children manifest in many ways besides, or instead of, simple sleep disturbance including disturbed learning, acting out, etc.”~Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum

Below are two recent radio interviews with Dr. Nissenbaum: 
Wind Turbines and health Pt 1, an interview

Wind Turbines and health Pt 2, an interview

You can also view his presentation to the Maine Medical Association in March 2009 here: Dr. Nissenbaum presentation

My request for an elevation mainly concerned the lack of notification and recognition of the school and its occupants: the children and staff.
If this interests you,you can download it here:
 Request for Elevation for Adelaide Wind Farm

16 Industrial Wind Turbines in a 3km radius of the school, plus overhead collector lines run by the school

16 Industrial Wind Turbines in a 3km radius of the school, plus overhead collector lines run by the school

Arkona/Parkhill/Rock Glen Wind Farm

Most of the posts have been about the Adelaide Wind Farm, but we should all be aware of other projects in the area. The Adelaide Wind Farm is the furthest along in the process, but take a look at this Canadian Hydro project, planned for our most beautiful area – the Rock Glen/ Arkona district. This project is slated to release its Notice of Completion in the fall of 2009. If this project is near you (and there is a large section of transmission lines going through too), ask Canadian Hydro to put you on their mailing list so you do not miss any more details, like we did here in Adelaide. Click here to see the Notice of Commencement and general project area. If anyone has more information on this project, or any others in Middlesex County, please let us know.

Some council ‘minutes’…


note the distance to the road

Port Burwell - note the distance to the road and the dwarfed electricity poles

Adelaide-Metcalfe Township Council Meeting

Monday, August 10th  2009

The Middlesex Wind Action Group had 20 minutes to speak to council at 8:30 on Monday evening. Over 35 residents were seated, waiting in the chambers for council to wrap up their other business, when somebody said that the TCI Renewables reps were also waiting — outside. This was a little alarming, but not that surprising, being as council has basically relied on the wind company’s sales pitch to help justify this project. Conc. David Bolton asked for a 5 minute break, and we watched our Mayor John Milligan go out into the foyer to speak with the TCI reps. At this point we didn’t exactly know what TCI was going to do, but we suspected correctly that they were there to answer our questions- unfortunately our questions and statements were for our elected council, not for the sales men.

The TCI reps were Brett O’Connor and Mark Gallagher. They also had a ‘noise specialist’, and a ‘bird and bat specialist’ from Golder. These 4 guys came all the way here to speak for 5 minutes to council, I assumed. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Action Group Voices Concerns- Strathroy myFM

105.7 my FM Strathroy Caradoc

Tue, 11 Aug 2009 8:58:07 EDT

A large group turned out for the heated debate over wind turbines being proposed in Adelaide-Metcalfe. The project which is moving towards construction is now attracting the attention of residents who say they knew nothing about it. TCI Renewables out of Montreal Quebec has just wrapped up the next step with the Ministry of Environment but spokesperson for Middlesex Wind Action Group Esther Wrightman challenges the company saying they didn’t follow the MOE’s guidelines to properly notify residents in the community.

Wrightman also says the health studies completed by the company were not released to residents and says she also wanted clarification on the plan to change zoning bylaws for 28 of 40 wind turbines which will be placed in Adelaide-Metcalfe. Mayor of Adelaide-Metcalfe John Milligan says out of a handful of residents against the project there are many more who are in support of adding wind turbines to the rural scenery.

Wind Farm Concerns Addressed At Council- Strathroy myFM

105.7 MyFM Strathroy Caradoc

Click here to listen or read the transcript below of  Adelaide Metcalfe township Mayor John Milligan on the Adelaide Wind project

“The province is on side for green energy, the county has all approved green energy, most municipalities approved green energy. We’ve only had you know, 2 or 3 people concerned about health issues., and the landowners are the ones who have leased their land to these companies to do it too, eh?”  John Milligan


Strange that there were only “2 or 3 people” concerned about health. We had 3 people at the first council meeting 2 months ago, 15 at the meeting 1 month ago, and 35 at the meeting on Monday. We have also sent him a list of the 40 municipalities that have asked the province to conduct a full epidemiological study on the health effects of wind turbines. We asked Adelaide -Metcalfe council to do the same.


Wind Farm Concerns Addressed At Council

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 8:04:28 EDT
The project is moving towards construction but now residents in Adelaide-Metcalfe are standing up against a new wind farm which has been proposed to be built by TCI Renewable of Montreal Quebec. The 40 turbine farm will be placed on farm fields in the county to generate wind energy. TCI Renewable says on a windy day the farm is expected to generate 72 megawatts of power. The concerns of local residents will be addressed tonight at Adelaide-Metcalfe town council as some say more studies need to be conducted to look at the health implications of turbines. Mayor of Adelaide-Metcalfe John Milligan says the group has asked the town to put a moratorium on the project to stall any progress moving forward. Milligansays though there are some who feel the project should not go forward there are others who think the wind farm would be positive.

Milligan says one of the biggest concerns has been the safety of children and the proximity of the turbines to schools. He says turbines are placed twice as far away from schools as they are from a residence and are at least 1.2 km away.