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Click here to listen or read the transcript below of  Adelaide Metcalfe township Mayor John Milligan on the Adelaide Wind project

“The province is on side for green energy, the county has all approved green energy, most municipalities approved green energy. We’ve only had you know, 2 or 3 people concerned about health issues., and the landowners are the ones who have leased their land to these companies to do it too, eh?”  John Milligan


Strange that there were only “2 or 3 people” concerned about health. We had 3 people at the first council meeting 2 months ago, 15 at the meeting 1 month ago, and 35 at the meeting on Monday. We have also sent him a list of the 40 municipalities that have asked the province to conduct a full epidemiological study on the health effects of wind turbines. We asked Adelaide -Metcalfe council to do the same.


Wind Farm Concerns Addressed At Council

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 8:04:28 EDT
The project is moving towards construction but now residents in Adelaide-Metcalfe are standing up against a new wind farm which has been proposed to be built by TCI Renewable of Montreal Quebec. The 40 turbine farm will be placed on farm fields in the county to generate wind energy. TCI Renewable says on a windy day the farm is expected to generate 72 megawatts of power. The concerns of local residents will be addressed tonight at Adelaide-Metcalfe town council as some say more studies need to be conducted to look at the health implications of turbines. Mayor of Adelaide-Metcalfe John Milligan says the group has asked the town to put a moratorium on the project to stall any progress moving forward. Milligansays though there are some who feel the project should not go forward there are others who think the wind farm would be positive.

Milligan says one of the biggest concerns has been the safety of children and the proximity of the turbines to schools. He says turbines are placed twice as far away from schools as they are from a residence and are at least 1.2 km away.


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