Wind Action Group Voices Concerns- Strathroy myFM

105.7 my FM Strathroy Caradoc

Tue, 11 Aug 2009 8:58:07 EDT

A large group turned out for the heated debate over wind turbines being proposed in Adelaide-Metcalfe. The project which is moving towards construction is now attracting the attention of residents who say they knew nothing about it. TCI Renewables out of Montreal Quebec has just wrapped up the next step with the Ministry of Environment but spokesperson for Middlesex Wind Action Group Esther Wrightman challenges the company saying they didn’t follow the MOE’s guidelines to properly notify residents in the community.

Wrightman also says the health studies completed by the company were not released to residents and says she also wanted clarification on the plan to change zoning bylaws for 28 of 40 wind turbines which will be placed in Adelaide-Metcalfe. Mayor of Adelaide-Metcalfe John Milligan says out of a handful of residents against the project there are many more who are in support of adding wind turbines to the rural scenery.


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