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New Green Energy Act Becomes Law Today

Another Ontario Government Betrayal


Toronto, September 24, 2009The newest regulations governing industrial wind turbine 550 meter setbacks through the Green Energy Act are a betrayal of all the people of rural Ontario.  Wind Concerns Ontario stands by its demand that the government of Ontario listen to the victims of industrial wind development and the concerns of those soon to be affected throughout the whole province.


Since February 2009, over one hundred men, women and children living near industrial-scale wind installations have developed serious health side effects such as cardiac arrhythmia, vertigo, chronic migraines, nosebleeds and depression. The most common problem reported is sleep deprivation which has caused cognitive problems for numerous victims. Read the rest of this entry


Adelaide Project Denied Request to Elevate by MOE

The Director of Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch sent us a letter saying that an Environmental Assessment is not needed for the Adelaide Wind project.  In other words, The MOE has given the project its go-ahead. You will notice that our concerns were not investigated, only re-stated back to us…. I don’t know how we are supposed to be satisfied with such an incomplete review.

Click here to read the letter from the MOE: Adelaide elevation request denied by MOE.

 If you would like to compare it to my request for elevation you can read it here: Request for Elevation for Adelaide Wind Farm

Wind power blows in more opponents

The Glencoe Transcript & Free Press – Hayter-Walden Publications Inc.

By Marie Williams-Gagnon
17 September 2009

The guest speakers described the effects wind turbines have had on their own health and that of their neighbours, some ashamed that they had actually allowed one on their own property and had not investigated further.

The standing-room-only crowd packed into the Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald elementary school gymnasium on Wednesday evening, September 9 to learn more in a session hosted by the Middlesex Wind Action Group.

Forty turbines are in the works for the former Adelaide township, including 16 within a 3 km radius of the school itself. A group of the opponents had approached the Thames Valley District School Board the previous evening.

Moderator Rose Keunan explained that there are 128 turbines presently planned for Middlesex County, the majority in the Adelaide and greater Parkhill areas with land still being signed.

Nikki Horton- Victim Impact Statement

Nikki Horton- Victim Impact Statement

Nikki Horton spoke about her experiences living on a wind farm in Port Alma. She presented what she referred to as a “Victim Impact Statement” from experiences of living with 15 turbines close to her family’s home. Admitting that they were not concerned about the erection of the turbines until her husband began to complain about sleeplessness, she also began to experience the same symptom, accompanied with the vibration in her heart and joints. They are also noticing changes in their young sons.

Horton said that the family is now borrowing money to soundproof their home and warned parents that the children in the school will be affected. “Would you put you child in harm’s way?” Read the rest of this entry

Wind turbine farm generates controversy

By Nancy PowersThe Strathroy Age Dispatch September 15th, 2009  

 Standing Room Only- over 200 in attendance
Standing Room Only- over 200 in attendance

 Several planned wind turbines in the area aren’t even up yet, but residents are already educating themselves as to the possible health hazards associated with them.

 Over 200 people attended an information meeting hosted by the Middlesex Wind Action Group on Wednesday, Sept. 9. The gym at Adelaide W.G. MacDonald was standing room only.

At the heart of the issue is a proposed wind turbine farm that would see the construction of 40 turbines in Adelaide-Metcalfe Township. These are just some of the 128 wind turbines planned for this region.

Adelaide- W.G. MacDonald School is a located in the middle of the wind farm project proposed for the township.

Since 2006, Air Energy TCI Inc. (AET), The Canadian subsidiary of the UK based TCI Renewables, has been developing the Adelaide Wind Farm Project on nearly 7,000 acres of land within the township.

Officials with TCI hope to have the construction process started by 2011, and expect these turbines to be one of the first to receive an energy sales contract from Ontario Power Authority under the new Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.

Rose Keunan, who is a member of the action group, says they are in favour of green energy, but not at the expense of people’s health.   Read the rest of this entry

Shadow Flicker

Shadow flicker just one issue among many about wind turbines, but this one is visual. How do you react when there is someone flicking the lights on and off in your house? It’s irritating: you ask them to quit it. But you can’t tell the wind turbine to stop- you don’t have control of that switch. 

When turning with the sun behind them, turbine blades cast moving shadows across the landscape and houses, creating a strobe effect within houses which can be difficult to block out. Some people get dizzy, lose their balance, or become nauseated when they see the movement of shadows or the movement of the huge blades themselves. As with car or sea sickness, such symptoms occur when the three organs of position and movement perception (the inner ear, eyes, and stretch receptors in muscles and joints) do not agree with each other: the eyes perceive movement while the ears and stretch receptors do not.

People with a personal or family history of migraine, or migraine-associated phenomena such as car sickness or vertigo, are more susceptible to these effects. The strobe effect also has the potential, like other flashing lights, to trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.”      – Nina Pierpont Wind Turbine Syndrome 8-1-06

Take a look at this clip:


Now take a look at our major Highway 402.  A 9 Kilometre stretch of this major highway will have industrial wind turbines along it. 15 wind turbines will be less than 500 metres from the highway. Imagine driving this stretch of road in the morning, with blustery conditions, and the strobe effects of the blades spinning shadow flashing across the highway as you drive….for 9 kilometers. As many know in this area, this section of the highway is particularly bad in the winter, as in, “it was fine driving until I got to the Kerwood exit.”


15 of these turbines are less then 500m from the highway.
15 of these turbines are less then 500m from the highway.
There are also 12 residences in the Adelaide project that will have shadow flicker on their homes. The residences that were not signed on were never notified that they would have this happen to their home.  Click here to download TCI’s ‘Shadow Flicker Analysis’ , Appendix G, from their Environmental Screening report.

Information Meeting- Thank You!

Colette McLean- Contracts Presentation

Colette McLean- Contracts Presentation

We had a fantastic turnout of over 200 people at Adelaide W.G. Macdonald School last night for our information session on Industrial wind turbines. A big thank you to the speakers–they drive here several hours for one reason, to educate the rest of Ontario about the dangers of wind turbines. These people are intelligent and caring and really are concerned about the fate of rural Ontario. Joan Morris, David Colling, Colette McLean and Nikki Horton all spoke at length to the audience. Three wonderful women from Port Burwell had the courage to stand up and speak about their life among wind turbines and how their health has been so negatively impacted. It is tragic that these residents (whom we may eventually join if these wind projects go through) are completely ignored by our government. How can we allow our local and provincial governments to make decisions based on the money they will receive, with no regard for the health of their citizens? This is Canada- we are almost proud of how we care for others and make sure all are treated equally when it comes to health care. Why is this any different? Are we really supposed to sacrifice our health for carbon credits?! Are we trading in smog for wind turbine syndrome, wildlife destruction and high electricity rates? This is not the Green Ontario I envisioned at all. As a person who is extremely environmentally conscience, I am becoming cynical when i hear the word ‘green’- it has a negative meaning to me anymore.

This meeting brought out a huge portion of our community. All ages, gender, political affiliation and economic standings were represented. This is not an issue that touches a small section of our demographic. It is everyone who is concerned about the health of their family, friends and neighbours. Do not underestimate the power of a community that is informed.

Windy Controversy- The London Free Press

Thu, September 3, 2009

Ontario wind farm projects are being assessed by proponents and not independent environmental experts, figures show
Not a single wind farm project proposed in the past four years in Ontario has undergone an independent environmental assessment by the province, figures obtained by The Free Press show.

Despite requests from citizens’ groups for the assessments, 31 projects have been allowed to go through after a less stringent screening process undertaken by the wind farm proponents themselves.

“It demonstrates the process is a sham,” said John Laforet, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of 33 smaller groups.

“Each of these projects is a foregone conclusion.”


 Requests for environmental assessments:

2006: 4 (all denied)
2007: 7 (all denied)
2008: 12 (all denied)
Jan to Aug. 2009: 19, 9 denied, 1 withdrawn, 9 under review.

And Carmen Krogh, a researcher and advocate for wind farm victims, called the process “flawed.

“It is something that has to be fixed,” he said.

The government is allowing the wind farm proponents to assess their projects without proper oversight, said Krogh, a former pharmacist and director of Health Canada’s pesticides agency.

“The proponents are the ones who fill out the information about health impacts,” said Krogh. “They all have an official position (that) there are not health effects, so there is not authoritative, independent review.” Read the rest of this entry

Wind farm faces delays- 105.7myFM

Mon, 31 Aug 2009 8:32:13 EDT
As a proposed wind farm on its way for construction within the next few years faces barriers, another deal is being signed. It looks as though a wind farm is coming together in Lambton County. The proposed wind farm would be located in Plympton-Wyoming. A public meeting is scheduled for mid September to hash out the details. In Adelaide-Metcalfe however development manager with TCI Renewables of Montreal Quebec -the company constructing the turbines, says they hope to have a 40 turbine wind farm compete by 2011, although there have been a few roadblocks.

The Green Energy Act put forth by the provincial government was designed to advance renewable energy projects in Ontario. New requirements were added to the project in Adelaide-Metcalfe to comply with Green Energy standards. Gallager says a local groups opinions against the construction of the wind turbines has been voiced as well and adds that with any new development often comes opposition.  Click hear to listen.