Information Meeting- Thank You!

Colette McLean- Contracts Presentation

Colette McLean- Contracts Presentation

We had a fantastic turnout of over 200 people at Adelaide W.G. Macdonald School last night for our information session on Industrial wind turbines. A big thank you to the speakers–they drive here several hours for one reason, to educate the rest of Ontario about the dangers of wind turbines. These people are intelligent and caring and really are concerned about the fate of rural Ontario. Joan Morris, David Colling, Colette McLean and Nikki Horton all spoke at length to the audience. Three wonderful women from Port Burwell had the courage to stand up and speak about their life among wind turbines and how their health has been so negatively impacted. It is tragic that these residents (whom we may eventually join if these wind projects go through) are completely ignored by our government. How can we allow our local and provincial governments to make decisions based on the money they will receive, with no regard for the health of their citizens? This is Canada- we are almost proud of how we care for others and make sure all are treated equally when it comes to health care. Why is this any different? Are we really supposed to sacrifice our health for carbon credits?! Are we trading in smog for wind turbine syndrome, wildlife destruction and high electricity rates? This is not the Green Ontario I envisioned at all. As a person who is extremely environmentally conscience, I am becoming cynical when i hear the word ‘green’- it has a negative meaning to me anymore.

This meeting brought out a huge portion of our community. All ages, gender, political affiliation and economic standings were represented. This is not an issue that touches a small section of our demographic. It is everyone who is concerned about the health of their family, friends and neighbours. Do not underestimate the power of a community that is informed.


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