Shadow Flicker

Shadow flicker just one issue among many about wind turbines, but this one is visual. How do you react when there is someone flicking the lights on and off in your house? It’s irritating: you ask them to quit it. But you can’t tell the wind turbine to stop- you don’t have control of that switch. 

When turning with the sun behind them, turbine blades cast moving shadows across the landscape and houses, creating a strobe effect within houses which can be difficult to block out. Some people get dizzy, lose their balance, or become nauseated when they see the movement of shadows or the movement of the huge blades themselves. As with car or sea sickness, such symptoms occur when the three organs of position and movement perception (the inner ear, eyes, and stretch receptors in muscles and joints) do not agree with each other: the eyes perceive movement while the ears and stretch receptors do not.

People with a personal or family history of migraine, or migraine-associated phenomena such as car sickness or vertigo, are more susceptible to these effects. The strobe effect also has the potential, like other flashing lights, to trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.”      – Nina Pierpont Wind Turbine Syndrome 8-1-06

Take a look at this clip:


Now take a look at our major Highway 402.  A 9 Kilometre stretch of this major highway will have industrial wind turbines along it. 15 wind turbines will be less than 500 metres from the highway. Imagine driving this stretch of road in the morning, with blustery conditions, and the strobe effects of the blades spinning shadow flashing across the highway as you drive….for 9 kilometers. As many know in this area, this section of the highway is particularly bad in the winter, as in, “it was fine driving until I got to the Kerwood exit.”


15 of these turbines are less then 500m from the highway.
15 of these turbines are less then 500m from the highway.
There are also 12 residences in the Adelaide project that will have shadow flicker on their homes. The residences that were not signed on were never notified that they would have this happen to their home.  Click here to download TCI’s ‘Shadow Flicker Analysis’ , Appendix G, from their Environmental Screening report.

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