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The Winds Blow O’er Ontario

a young Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

a young Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

The Winds Blow O’er Ontario

´Twas the day ‘fore democracy disappeared from our town;
Wind turbine salesmen were running around
With cheques in their pockets and greed in their eyes,
With hopes that the farmers would believe their slick lies.

After dumping big bucks into Liberal coffers,
Wind companies waited for huge payback offers
To put up the turbines on plains and on hills
And pass them off as efficient windmills.

They’ve done their own research; it works better that way,
Since government’s too stargazed to check what they say.
They’ve grabbed what they could while the gettin’ was good
And then “poof – disappeared!” from this neighbourhood.

Dalton’s throwing them money with his plan, oh so fine.
Just sell them your soul and sign on the line.
They’ve taken your land by the rights of refusal.
You gave up your say.  Yes, you’ve been bamboozled!

Once the turbines are up and you start to feel ills,
Just call the complaints line at MOE Spills.
They’ll pretend like they’re listening and write down every word.
Wind Turbine Syndrome, you say?  How absurd!!!
For those who complain, their ears will be closed –
They don’t pay attention to the people they’ve hosed.
Turbines have side effects?  Now how could that be?
It’s our retirement plan and wind energy’s “free!”
They’ll shut down those coal plants and make it all clean.
They’re out painting Ontario with green, Green, GREEN, GREEN!
But that’s the colour of money and it’s surely corrupt;
Has anyone noticed the new gas plant going up?

Of course, that’s the backup plan for when wind doesn’t blow.
They cherry-picked their research, which just goes to show;
It’s not sustainable energy or near green as they say.
Not a problem for them, though, ‘cause it’s us that will pay.

But the people are rising to protect this great land!
They’re gathering in droves to oppose the sly plan.
It happens to be that not all people were bought –
Ontarians are much smarter than the Liberals thought!

Now Dalton and Smitherman and Gerretsen, too,
Liberal MPPs and the rest of your crew,
As you sit back with a smirk thinking you’ve won the battle
Having sent the townsfolk up the creek with no paddle –

We’re gaining momentum – we’ll defeat you, no less!
And one thing’s for sure – WE WON’T TAKE YOUR B.S.
At the end of the day when you think it’s all done,
Just don’t forget where your paycheques come from!
Julianna Van Den Molen


Protest: Health Studies BEFORE Wind Turbines!

OCTOBER 29th, 2009 – Queen’s Park

Over 100 protesters demonstrated in front of the legislature building before going inside to hear MPP Bill Murdoch present his motion.

Protest at Ontario Legislature
Protest at Ontario Legislature

Wind Turbine Contracts


Don’t sign that contract before you know all the issues it entwines AND have consulted with an independant lawyer.

Watch the movie below to see Colette McLean explain wind turbine contracts to the crowd in Adelaide, ON this September.

Advice from a fellow Ontario Grower

OFA: two Dozen Suggestions about Wind Power Leases for Farmers

Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines

Perhaps many rural residents had the same wake-up call to wind turbines as I did this spring. I didn’t know about the 40 wind turbine TCI development in Adelaide… in fact as far as I knew, the only wind project was a 12 wind turbine proposal by FPL Energy, and we hadn’t received any correspondence from them since their Open House in February, 2008. I figured, as long as I wasn’t completely surrounded by spinning objects, I’d be OK. Knowing what motion sickness feels like, I wasn’t crazy about the spinning part. But visually, 12 turbines, not moving, wouldn’t hurt us here.

I remember reading the London Free Press this spring with Dr. McMurtry’s Deputation to the Standing Committee on General Government . I’ll admit I didn’t really understand the big picture, but it did put up the first warning signal to me. I had no idea how many people were already suffering from Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario. All we ever heard was green, green, green, and ‘the way of the future’. I hadn’t heard anything about stray voltage, Low Frequency Noise or Shadow Flicker in the media until then. That’s the way the proponents and the MOE like to keep it. I have to remember that much of the population still only sees the ‘greeness’, especially urban residents.

What makes me really believe there are health issues? The victims.

  1. People living inside wind farms, all over the world, are experiencing identical health problems. Here’s a movie from Australia. Listen to the movie clip below taken at the Adelaide information session. It is all very much the same horrible experiences.
  2. Nikki Horton's house dwarfed by wind Turbines in Port Alma 
    Nikki Horton’s house dwarfed by Wind Turbines in Port Alma
  3. Many of the victims didn’t even suspect the wind turbines were the culprits for a long time. Many were very supportive of the wind development. Nikki Horton’s blog is a very realistic view of the day to day life she is dealing with. Her Next Door Neighbour is a Wind Turbine. Also, read her Letter to Council. She actually liked the looks of the wind turbines and took the picture at the top of her blog after the turbines were installed because she thought it looked nice.
  4. The ill effects leave the victims when they leave the wind farms, but unfortunately return when they come back home. Have a listen to Helen Fraser who had to leave her Shelburne, ON home. Actually the wind company Canadian Hydro bought her out, and gagged her from speaking to the media about it….how sad is that?
  5. The symptoms started when the wind turbines were started up.   

Below is a clip from the Adelaide Wind Turbine Information session where three wonderful women, Stephana, Kay and Tracy, drove all the way up from Port Burwell to let us know first hand what it is like living in a wind turbine zone.

MOE Changes it’s Mind: Adelaide under GEA now

Within a week, the Ministry of the Environment did a switcharoo… now The Adelaide Wind Project will fall under the Green Energy Act. The reasoning is that TCI does not have a purchase agreement with the OPA yet, and that is now a requirement under the GEA (but it wasn’t in the proposed regulations). This was a little bizarre, because you can’t help wonder why they would issue an approval several days before they announce the GEA regulations, and then the day after the GEA announcement write a letter saying the project doesn’t comply. Why bother with the approval in the first place?  We all filed an appeal anyway… as it was due a couple days later. I just considered it a long letter of warning to the MOE. Read the rest of this entry