Victims of Industrial Wind Turbines

Perhaps many rural residents had the same wake-up call to wind turbines as I did this spring. I didn’t know about the 40 wind turbine TCI development in Adelaide… in fact as far as I knew, the only wind project was a 12 wind turbine proposal by FPL Energy, and we hadn’t received any correspondence from them since their Open House in February, 2008. I figured, as long as I wasn’t completely surrounded by spinning objects, I’d be OK. Knowing what motion sickness feels like, I wasn’t crazy about the spinning part. But visually, 12 turbines, not moving, wouldn’t hurt us here.

I remember reading the London Free Press this spring with Dr. McMurtry’s Deputation to the Standing Committee on General Government . I’ll admit I didn’t really understand the big picture, but it did put up the first warning signal to me. I had no idea how many people were already suffering from Industrial Wind Turbines in Ontario. All we ever heard was green, green, green, and ‘the way of the future’. I hadn’t heard anything about stray voltage, Low Frequency Noise or Shadow Flicker in the media until then. That’s the way the proponents and the MOE like to keep it. I have to remember that much of the population still only sees the ‘greeness’, especially urban residents.

What makes me really believe there are health issues? The victims.

  1. People living inside wind farms, all over the world, are experiencing identical health problems. Here’s a movie from Australia. Listen to the movie clip below taken at the Adelaide information session. It is all very much the same horrible experiences.
  2. Nikki Horton's house dwarfed by wind Turbines in Port Alma 
    Nikki Horton’s house dwarfed by Wind Turbines in Port Alma
  3. Many of the victims didn’t even suspect the wind turbines were the culprits for a long time. Many were very supportive of the wind development. Nikki Horton’s blog is a very realistic view of the day to day life she is dealing with. Her Next Door Neighbour is a Wind Turbine. Also, read her Letter to Council. She actually liked the looks of the wind turbines and took the picture at the top of her blog after the turbines were installed because she thought it looked nice.
  4. The ill effects leave the victims when they leave the wind farms, but unfortunately return when they come back home. Have a listen to Helen Fraser who had to leave her Shelburne, ON home. Actually the wind company Canadian Hydro bought her out, and gagged her from speaking to the media about it….how sad is that?
  5. The symptoms started when the wind turbines were started up.   

Below is a clip from the Adelaide Wind Turbine Information session where three wonderful women, Stephana, Kay and Tracy, drove all the way up from Port Burwell to let us know first hand what it is like living in a wind turbine zone.


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