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Adelaide – proponent’s project revisions and public meeting

The developers of the Adelaide  Industrial Wind  project  (TCI Renewables) have revised their submission for the MOE.

Draft Addendum 
Revised Noise Assesment

What is thoroughly disgusting is that the wind company plans to hold there public meeting at our school. Yes, the very school that they were so keen to ignore and surround with turbines, with no notification to the school or school board.

Public Open House:
Date: January 26th, 2010
Location: Adelaide W.G. Macdonald School


Wind Company plans public meeting at Adelaide School (where’s the respect?!)

It is the children's (and all other resident's) health that the wind developers are dismissing.

Wind farm project progressing-  The Strathroy Age Dispatch

Tuesday November 24th, 2009
Despite changes under the Environmental Protection Act, the proposed wind farm project in Adelaide-Metcalfe Township is progressing as planned.
In fact, a public meeting has been planned for next January at Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald School in Adelaide Township.
The meeting, being held on Jan. 26, 2010, is to present any new information, explain the transition process, and identify how the combined reports meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.
According to Mark Gallagher, development manger for TCI Renewables, the new Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) regulations won’t affect the project.
“The project is not on hold,” said Mr. Gallagher. “However, there may be a bit of a delay, but we aren’t anticipating any problems.”
Mr. Gallagher would encourage residents to attend the meeting.
“This is an opportunity to provide feedback and to speak to the project team,” said Mr. Gallagher.
The proposed project will include 40 wind turbines in Adelaide-Metcalfe, with a target date of 2011 for the start of construction.
A public meeting is planned for mid to late January to update the public on the progress of the project.
Opposed to the project is the Middlesex Wind Action Group, which has been lobbying hard to prevent the wind turbines from being built before a full health impact study can be completed.
The group maintains that even in the new Green Energy Act, the acceptable sound levels are too high, setbacks are too close, and there are no measurements in place for low frequency sound. Read the rest of this entry

Bornish Wind Farm

OK, so here is the first company to test the new Green Energy Act  in this county. If all goes smoothly for NextEra/FPLE, they would have these Wind Turbines humming by December 2010…not too far away at all.

The Bornish wind installation is planned for an area between  the towns of Arkona and Parkhill. The Wind Turbines are all in North Middlesex Township, while the substation is in Adelaide-Metcalfe Township.

50 turbines are planned and are situated fairly densely. To see NextEra’s location maps, shadow flicker & noise studies, archaeological, bird and bat studies click here:Bornish Wind Farm Downloads.

 NextEra has planned a company public information meeting.
 January 5th, 2010 from 4PM-8PM at the Parkhill High School.
They say they want to answer your questions and get your feedback on the project…. so go prepared!

Bornish FPL map
Bornish Wind Study Area

Van Bommel Goes Against Moratorium- 105.7MyFM

105.7 MyFM Strathroy Caradoc  Mon, 02 Nov 2009 8:49:50 EST

MPP Maria Van Bommel turned down a motion to impose a moratorium on all new wind turbine projects in the province. The motion was put forward by Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch which asked that turbine projects be considered safe by the Medical Officer of Health and Ministry of the Environment before moving forward. Though Van Bommel delivered a speech in Queens Park outlining some of the concerns from constituents in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, in the end Van Bommel voted with the Liberals against the motion. Spokesperson for the Middlesex Wind Action Group Esther Wrightman of Kerwood says they had really hoped Van Bommel would vote in favor of the moratorium. Listen here

A letter to the NDP’s: Reverse roll with the PC’s?

Dear Ms. Horwath,

I had the privilege to sit in the gallery at the Ontario Legislature on Thursday, October 29th, for the first time. My entire extended family, including my 2 children, were there too, as the issue we came to hear debated would affect us all.

When I first sat down I tried to put faces to political parties. This was not as easy as I thought. I am 28 years old and have voted Liberal/NDP/Green in all elections- never Conservative. I was finally able to find the NDP’s location and was horrified by what I saw. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that the NDP’s were supposed to be the kind-hearted, health-conscious political party. Read the rest of this entry

Maria Van Bommell, why did you vote against our health?!

Stop the Wind Turbines

Act for Your Constituents Health

Below are notes from the Hansard from Queen’s Park today. Read through it. Our MPP’s comments are highlighted in yellow and the results of the vote are at the bottom. As you will see, Maria Van Bommell says one thing, and does a different thing. This wasn’t a very difficult motion to support. It was a motion that said you care about your community’s health. Nice speech, we actually thought you meant it. I don’t suppose you saw those women who had to leave the gallery because they were crying? Those were some of the people that have been forced or bought out of their homes, and are gagged from speaking by these developers. That may be your constituents next. I never thought I’d see the day when the Conservatives are the ones who show some compassion and the NDP and Liberals snub health concerns. Why did you vote against this motion? We need to know, it doesn’t make any sense. Where’s the humanity!?

Read the full notes from the debate here: Hansard October 29th 

Excerpt of Maria Van Bommell:

Mrs. Maria Van Bommel:
Before I make my own comments, I was asked by my colleague from Huron-Bruce to read a statement into the record for her:

“I will not be supporting this resolution by the member for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.”During the public hearings for the Green Energy Act, no science-based evidence was brought forward to suggest that wind turbine developments were causing adverse health effects. It has been further confirmed by the chief medical officer of health that, based on all scientific evidence gathered to date, there exists nothing that would demonstrate a casual association between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.

“Several of my constituents have concerns regarding their specific properties. To that end, I have made a written request to the Minister of the Environment to make certain that their outstanding concerns are addressed as a top priority of the academic research chair.”  I myself have, over time, as a member, but also just as a farmer, watched and read and listened to a variety of research documents and many discussion papers, and I’ve even had the opportunity to get papers from the Netherlands to see what they are doing there because, of course, they have had wind turbines far longer than we have here. Read the rest of this entry