Maria Van Bommell, why did you vote against our health?!

Stop the Wind Turbines

Act for Your Constituents Health

Below are notes from the Hansard from Queen’s Park today. Read through it. Our MPP’s comments are highlighted in yellow and the results of the vote are at the bottom. As you will see, Maria Van Bommell says one thing, and does a different thing. This wasn’t a very difficult motion to support. It was a motion that said you care about your community’s health. Nice speech, we actually thought you meant it. I don’t suppose you saw those women who had to leave the gallery because they were crying? Those were some of the people that have been forced or bought out of their homes, and are gagged from speaking by these developers. That may be your constituents next. I never thought I’d see the day when the Conservatives are the ones who show some compassion and the NDP and Liberals snub health concerns. Why did you vote against this motion? We need to know, it doesn’t make any sense. Where’s the humanity!?

Read the full notes from the debate here: Hansard October 29th 

Excerpt of Maria Van Bommell:

Mrs. Maria Van Bommel:
Before I make my own comments, I was asked by my colleague from Huron-Bruce to read a statement into the record for her:

“I will not be supporting this resolution by the member for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.”During the public hearings for the Green Energy Act, no science-based evidence was brought forward to suggest that wind turbine developments were causing adverse health effects. It has been further confirmed by the chief medical officer of health that, based on all scientific evidence gathered to date, there exists nothing that would demonstrate a casual association between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.

“Several of my constituents have concerns regarding their specific properties. To that end, I have made a written request to the Minister of the Environment to make certain that their outstanding concerns are addressed as a top priority of the academic research chair.”  I myself have, over time, as a member, but also just as a farmer, watched and read and listened to a variety of research documents and many discussion papers, and I’ve even had the opportunity to get papers from the Netherlands to see what they are doing there because, of course, they have had wind turbines far longer than we have here.

The one thing I’ve noticed over and over again is that there’s not only a large volume of research, documentation and anecdotal information, but a lot of it conflicts and a lot of it doesn’t always agree. I’m reminded of the fact that when I first brought forward the stray voltage bill, having good scientific data and research was really important and really critical in terms of a statement of opinion. We needed to be able to prove that something existed before we could approach the remediation of that issue.

So I find that it was very important to have that kind of research done, and I was really pleased when the Minister of the Environment said that he was going to establish a research chair. As some have pointed out-they’re saying, “Well, what happened to the research chair?” Actually, I have here a press release from the Council of Ontario Universities, in which they say, “The Council of Ontario Universities today announced that it will launch a competitive process on behalf of the Ontario government for one chair in renewable energy technologies and health and two chairs in green chemistry and engineering.” We are moving forward with this, and when someone said, “Well, is it going to be picked by the minister or by the Premier?”-I think having this work done by the Council of Ontario Universities and having it tendered is much more appropriate. So we are moving forward in that direction.I have had in my riding a number of proposals for wind turbines. I also have existing wind turbine farms. There have been public meetings in my communities. There was one very recently in Adelaide Metcalfe. I was unable to attend because it was a Tuesday night and we were here in Toronto, but my staff was there and they came back and they heard from people and heard their concerns.

I want to say thank you to the member from Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound because I do think we need to debate this. I think that we- 


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