A letter to the NDP’s: Reverse roll with the PC’s?

Dear Ms. Horwath,

I had the privilege to sit in the gallery at the Ontario Legislature on Thursday, October 29th, for the first time. My entire extended family, including my 2 children, were there too, as the issue we came to hear debated would affect us all.

When I first sat down I tried to put faces to political parties. This was not as easy as I thought. I am 28 years old and have voted Liberal/NDP/Green in all elections- never Conservative. I was finally able to find the NDP’s location and was horrified by what I saw. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that the NDP’s were supposed to be the kind-hearted, health-conscious political party. I have seen interviews of you, and you come across like that as well. But on the floor were 2 NDP MPP’s who completely turned my stomach: a Gilles Bisson and Peter Tabuns. On our Gallery Pass were instructions that we must refrain from “applause or making any interruptions or disturbance.” Yet the interruptions and absolute neglect of others in legislature by Bisson and Tabuns were pretty horrible’ all we could do was watch. My 6 year old son sat for 4 hours in the gallery (1 hour sleeping). I think he was more attentive than anybody on the floor. What an example to set: do as I say not as I do, shut up and listen. I wanted to tell that to Mr. Bisson. Is this behavior respectable? Is this how the NDP party wants to be viewed? When leaving the gallery one man said to me, “I had considered voting NDP many times, but now I know I will never, ever do that. They are the rudest, big business people I have ever seen.” Funny, I had always thought that that was the impression of the Conservatives. I’m hoping this was just a glimpse of a bad day at legislature, with some of the more deplorable members of the NDP in action.

I could get past the interrupting, ignoring, slouching, wandering, mocking by Mr. Bisson eventually, but not the words that came out of Mr. Tabnus’ mouth. I didn’t come to the legislature prepared to cry. I used my son’s shirt to absorb tears, and there were many others who were crying as well. Is this something the NDP is proud of? They made the gallery cry. How do I explain to my son, “your mom and other people are crying because they have to listen to a man re-victimize people who are sitting around us, and they can’t say a thing to shut him up.”

He had the power of those wind turbines. He could continue to make that horrendous noise, and nobody could shut him off. All I could do was stay and cry, or leave.

We heard moving stories about tenants without possessions, and this was touching. But when it comes to people suffering sleep deprivation, tinnitus, cardiac arrhythmia, anxiety because of machines located too close to their homes, we were told it wasn’t believable. I don’t know if he realized that some of the people in the gallery were living and suffering in wind farms on a daily/nightly basis. Maybe he thought we were all hard-core oil hungry conservatives. I thought health was an NDP/Liberal issue, but on Thursday it was the Conservatives showing compassion. Are we getting snubbed by our parties because the Wind Turbine Machine is perceived as ‘green’? If this machine was used to drive production in the oil sands (not a wind turbine…some other ‘non-green’ perceived machine…) and the noise it was making was causing area residents to get extremely sick, for some reason, I think the NDP’s would cry bloody murder and protest the treatment of these people, wouldn’t they? They would say, “Let’s get some health studies, and for God’s sake turn the machine off and stop building more until we know if people are really getting sick from this machinery!.” Isn’t this right? That’s how I used to envision the NDP. But apparently it is OK to hurt people as long as the machine is certified ‘green’.

I am an extremely environmentally conscience person. I took every course and applied every notion I could to make and live in a clean environment. I moved to the place I live now so that I can walk across to work at my family’s nursery—no need for a second car. Planted my little bit of acreage in ecosystems of tall grass prairie, trees, ponds and garden. I reuse and conserve in the extreme. But if these 40-60 wind turbines go up around my home, and my children’s school, and we get sick, what good does any of that conservation do for me? Absolutely nothing! We have a pretty good chance of getting sick, and a pretty good chance of having to leave our home like refugees in the middle of the night. If just one of us in our extended family gets sick, we will have to move. Sounds easy, but do you know how to move a farming business? Do you know a safe place where there will be no wind turbines and we can have the room to set up again? There’s a chance that we could be too sick to set up operation again. A small business is very labour-intensive and takes a lot of concentration. There are cattle breeders, horse trainers, chicken farmers, dairy farms and many others in my neighbourhood that are very concerned about their livelihood because they all depend on good health. The Thames Valley District School Board (see attachment) is also very concerned about those 220 children that will have their school surrounded (night and day low frequency noise for those kids).

All I can say is that the Conservatives will win big in our rural area, and they will all be voters who never imagined that a PC vote would protect their health. It is ever so easy to do after listening to their compassionate remarks made at Queen’s Park on Thursday.

Take a good long look at your party. Take a look at the Hansard from Thursday. Is this something to be proud of? Please prove me wrong and take a serious look at the harm these wind turbines are causing. From what I heard, it seemed like there was quite an urban/rural split when it comes to whose health the NDP cares about…is that possible in Canada?

Yours Sincerely,

Esther Wrightman

RR#3, Kerwood, ON


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