Wind Company plans public meeting at Adelaide School (where’s the respect?!)

It is the children's (and all other resident's) health that the wind developers are dismissing.

Wind farm project progressing-  The Strathroy Age Dispatch

Tuesday November 24th, 2009
Despite changes under the Environmental Protection Act, the proposed wind farm project in Adelaide-Metcalfe Township is progressing as planned.
In fact, a public meeting has been planned for next January at Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald School in Adelaide Township.
The meeting, being held on Jan. 26, 2010, is to present any new information, explain the transition process, and identify how the combined reports meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act.
According to Mark Gallagher, development manger for TCI Renewables, the new Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) regulations won’t affect the project.
“The project is not on hold,” said Mr. Gallagher. “However, there may be a bit of a delay, but we aren’t anticipating any problems.”
Mr. Gallagher would encourage residents to attend the meeting.
“This is an opportunity to provide feedback and to speak to the project team,” said Mr. Gallagher.
The proposed project will include 40 wind turbines in Adelaide-Metcalfe, with a target date of 2011 for the start of construction.
A public meeting is planned for mid to late January to update the public on the progress of the project.
Opposed to the project is the Middlesex Wind Action Group, which has been lobbying hard to prevent the wind turbines from being built before a full health impact study can be completed.
The group maintains that even in the new Green Energy Act, the acceptable sound levels are too high, setbacks are too close, and there are no measurements in place for low frequency sound.
Local MPP Maria Van Bommel recently voted against a motion to impose a moratorium on all new wind turbine projects.
Mrs. Van Bommel felt a moratorium wasn’t the answer to the health concerns being raised.
“I think what is more important is to find out what the health impacts will be,” said Mrs. Van Bommel. “A moratorium at this time isn’t necessary.”
The Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP also pointed out that not all her constituents are opposed to the wind farms.
“People have to remember that I represent the interests of all my constituents, not just some,” said Mrs. Van Bommel. “I have heard from some people who are in favour of the project.”
Bornish Wind, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Canada (formerly FPLE Canadian Wind) is hosting a public meeting in Parkhill on Jan. 5, 2010, as part of their process. As part of the public consultation process, study documents for that project are now available for review at the Adelaide-Metcalfe Township office.


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