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IWTs are not welcome in our community

It pays to show caution when a wind company (or 2, 3, 4 or more…) approach your community. When the salesmen tell you that all that glitters is gold, make sure you scratch that gold craft paint off the rock first. A signature is very valuable to these guys, and you should hold it tight, because they want it badly. They present many reasons to sign, but if  just a little healthy, skeptical research is done, you’ll find there are many more reasons NOT to sign.

To hear the wind developers spin, make sure you attend the 2 upcoming meetings this month for both the Bornish (Jan 5th) and Adelaide (Jan 26th) wind developments. But go prepared to ask questions.  Do some homework beforehand.

Below are very recent interviews from an island community that unfortunately didn’t do their homework. They were very excited to have 3 turbines erected on their island- no questions asked. The company told them it would be quiet. A month later, they are finding out that that isn’t so.

Voices of Vinalhaven, Maine: wind turbine noise Part 1

Voices of Vinalhaven, Maine: wind turbine noise Part 2


Electrical Pollution from Wind Turbines

At our meeting in Adelaide on September 9th, 2009 David Colling spoke to the packed gymnasium about the electrical pollution issues that wind turbines have caused in Ontario. David has been a dairy farmer for 27 years in Ripley, ON, who has also been a dealer for Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors since 1991. He has applied his electrical engineering skills gained at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in recent years to assess electrical pollution in homes/ farms and other businesses near several different industrial wind turbine installations in Ontario.

Part 1

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