Adelaide Wind Farm – SOLD

The TCI/AET Adelaide Wind Project was sold to NextEra/FPLE in December 2009.

Letter to Stakeholders from TCI Renewables- Re: Sale of Adelaide Wind Project

Didn’t know about that? Yeah we didn’t know either until today when a councilor from a neighbouring township mentioned he saw a press release about it. So, off to our township office we go today,

 ‘Can we please see the letter in your December Agenda under Letters not received and circulated (sic) 1) Letter from Air Energy TCI & Next Era Energy. Do you think you could make a pdf. and put this on the township website? No? No time? Oh, you think it’s the wind company’s job to notify the residents!”.

 Well that kind of sucks for the constituents in our township…because there is no other way that we could have found out about this if it wasn’t for the OTHER township that…oh look… Southwest Middlesex has a pdf. of this document on THEIR website! Really, they do! Check out the difference in Agendas…think we can upgrade to what our Southern neighbours have? We would actually know what is going on in our township office if we had this!

 Southwest Middlesex January Agenda:
Adelaide-Metcalfe Township December Agenda

Maybe I’m asking for too much. No, I don’t think so. The lack of transparency has completely hindered us in the process of understanding this wind project.

You don’t see any notices of this deal between TCI and FPL anywhere in the papers, do you? Nope, and you know why? Well, it will be TCI reps that meet you at the Adelaide meeting on Jan. 26th, even though they have sold the company. We are supposed to continue on with Mark & Brett and the gang, and give them our ‘input’, and after the meeting…*poof*, they will be gone. So much for taking ‘public input’, eh?

This is the first ‘flip’ of the company. Maybe there will be another one, and another, and pretty soon (when we have problems sleeping when the turbines start), we won’t know who to ask for help. And that is just the way the wind companies want it. So TCI retains their ‘sell job’. They are continuing to sign people up for their Lambton Project, which is now called ‘Churchill’, not Adelaide II, and I suppose will sell that when it reaches a certain stage too. I’m quite sure Mr. Gallagher and O’Connor will be long gone out of this country when problems arise.


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