Bornish Infomercial

Yesterday night NextEra/FPL held a Public Meeting, or as one wise man said an ‘infomercial’ at the Parkhill high school. There was a very tight-lipped and ticked group of ‘experts’ that were apparently ready to take our questions and satisfy our fears. But their responses are getting very tired.  

Did you know that wind turbines just don’t kill birds? Yep, they are SHOT down! I didn’t know that…(!) And how about those noise levels? They won’t go over 40dBA? Could write that down? No, oh, OK…I don’t think you should be using that line on the public anymore then. So, what about electrical pollution and stray voltage… do wind farms cause that? Is there none? Zero? No? Well how much then? You don’t know? I feel safer by the minute….   

Young Flicker Queen: Flicker, Flicker in the sky, You'll see it untill you move or die!

But my favourite was the young girl with the flashing light on her head lamp. They are talking to the FPL man, and the lady beside the young girl says to the man, “Honestly, is this flashing light bothering you?”….. He said, “Quite frankly, yes it is.”  Well buddy, that’s shadow flicker, so suck it up, because you can’t turn it off. I can’t believe he fell for that. These guys or so far removed from the issues. I was told by one Genivar rep. that safety was “a matter of opinion”. I corrected him in that I was sure it was a “matter of LOCATION”. Sure, his opinion is that the wind turbine 115 meters from the road is safe, just as long as he never has to drive down that road… and since he is probably from some distant city, he should have no worries about a blade or ice throw, or even a collapsed wind tower, all of which would go straight across the road. I wouldn’t call that a ‘safe setback’. The good news for Bornish is that there are many more upset residents than I thought. Get together people, and raise your voices. You will definitely be heard and it is much easier to do than you imagine. Write a letter (it doesn’t have to be more than a couple of sentences) to your elected officials and newspapers. The province just needs to know that you exist and have an opinion, and you will use your vote in the upcoming elections. I only say this because the Ontario Power Authority plans to upgrade many of the transmission lines around here (Kerwood -Forest & Sarnia-London) for the sole purpose of enabling many more wind farms all over the countryside. FPL thinks that they could get over a hundred turbines on our substation, although the OPA doesn’t. They also think that if there will be any stray voltage it won’t be here…it will be in Strathroy, so not to worry!  

We have to tell them NO, we do NOT want wind turbines near our homes, farms and schools, because all they hear right now is that the wind developers really want to plaster our surroundings with them and need the transmission.


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  1. Muriel Allingham

    I find it interesting how Maria Van Bommel nor any of the Middlesex Council Members attended this ‘informmercial’ (Open House). It seems that they are very interested in the opinions of the majority, when they are campaigning for office. They apparantly don’t care what the majority of their constituents think of the Bornish Wind Project.

    There are 8 or 9 landowners, or perhaps fools, who are controlling the health, well being, property values and the natural heritage sites that belong to not only them–but to 96 to 100 residents who are not participating in this project. How does this represent a democratic society? We should be bombarding these people with calls and e-mails to let them know that they can’t hide from this issue. We do not want wind turbines near our homes, farms and schools!!!!

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