Adelaide-Metcalfe and North Middlesex Township Councils say “Health Studies First, Mr. McGuinty!”

Great news for residents of Adelaide-Metcalfe and North Middlesex… the township councils have supported a resolution, forwarded by the Township of Manvers and Grey County, asking for a moratorium on wind turbine construction until proper health, economic impact, environmental and property studies are completed! After half a year of explaining the pitfalls of wind turbines to our councils, they have decided that our communities health is more imortant then the industalization of our countryside with wind turbines(or maybe there are just too many residents upset for them to ignore the issue anymore…and that election is coming up too…).  In any case a huge thank goes out to all those who have wrote letters, talked to their neighbours, posted signs and help spread the word to all the residents in Adelaide and Bornish- it has paid off! Now we must look at our MPP Maria van Bommell and ask her who she is representing in Queens Park. Pretty soon all of rural Ontario will be giving a good, loud, clear NO to Mr. McGuinty.  Another thank-you goes out to our township councils for taking a stance on this issue and putting their constituents concerns ahead of  the wind salesmen’s propoganda pitch.

North Middlesex Minutes with Wind Trubine Moratorium Resolution

Adelaide-Metcalfe’s Letter of Support


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