TCI/NextEra Adelaide Public Input Session – Jan.26th

Adelaide Wind Project

  • Tuesday, January 26, 2010
  • 5pm – 8pm
  • Adelaide WG MacDonald School   29059 School Road

*This project was sold in December from TCI Renewables to NextEra (FPLE).
Ad in Strathroy Age Dispatch re: sale/transition

*Minor changes have been made from the old submission to today’s version.


The School:

  • It appears that the MOE does not require schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc. to be notified with its new Green Energry Act (really looking out for us aren’t they?). TCI did neglect to notify the school/school board when it submitted its project for approval last year when this was still mandatory. The school is adjacent to a property that will have a wind turbine on it. The health and safety of the 220 children has been ignored by our provincial government and the wind companies. The Thames Valley District School Board wrote a letter of support for our request for elevation.

Unburied Electrical Lines:

  • In TCI’s Addendum, the new maps that TCI/Golder have produced no longer show which connector lines will be buried and which will not, but they do note that there will be unburied lines….we just aren’t supposed to know WHICH ones. That is because they run alongside our kid’s school and playground. FPL wants to try and squeeze in both the Bornish and Adelaide wind projects on our lines- say ‘hello’ to stray voltage.

Road Safety:

  • Shadow Flicker: For over 10 km there will be shadow flicker on the 402 highway (10 minutes of driving). There are a couple reasons why this is very dangerous:

– It will be ‘overlapping’ shadow flicker- when several wind turbines shadows fall on top of eachother and create a much faster flashing rate (which becomes a concern for individuals with epilepsy).
-Shadow flicker has the ability to negativley affect a large portion of the population (those susceptible to motion sickness, migraines, nausea and vertigo).
-On roads it is a much overlooked danger, and is completely ignored in any of TCI’s ‘studies’, although you can see the issue distinctly when looking at their maps (with no road names on it, of course…). There is so much potential shadow flicker on the exit 56 that in their ‘shadow flicker map’ you can hardly see the exit for all the overlapping, which may be beneficial to their goal!

  • Here’s a nice quote from TCI’s draft addendum since the new Green Energy Act came into place:

It should be noted that some effects assessments conducted for the Adelaide Wind Farm under O. Reg.116/01 are now no longer required for renewable energy projects, including wind farms. These include the following: geophysical environment, atmospheric environment, visual landscape, socio-economic resources, land use, traffic, electromagnetic interference (EMI), public health and safety, the effects of the environment on the project and cumulative effects. Although no longer required under O. Reg. 359/09, AET has voluntarily updated their shadow flicker analysis based on the revised turbine layout and new wind turbine model. Adelaide Wind Facility- Application for Renewable Energy Approval- November 23rd, 2009 Pg. 14

Feel any safer now? The Green Energy Act was promoted as protecting our health and safety…yikes!

  • Safety Setbacks: Like Bornish, there are ill placed turbines in regards ‘Topple Distance’, ‘Ice Throw’ and ‘Blade Throw’.

-The Manufacturer’s (GE) recommended setback is 243.75m from a road.
-One particular turbine that poses danger sits ~150m from Kerwood Rd., and ~180m from the 402 Exit 56 lane. This distance does not protect from ice or blade throw. 

Health concerns- at home, school and work:

  • Noise levels – Many residents (including children from the school) will be exposed to the repetitive noise pollution, both day and night, with no relief.
  • Shadow flicker on homes (like somebody flicking the light switch on and off continuously, and you can’t make them stop)
  • This is really the most concerning subject, because so many people will be affected. Adelaide village will have 4 wind turbines  ~600m away. Other homes will suffer from a combination of all 3 issues- shadow flicker, noise and electrical pollution. This is the reason we are asking for health studies before wind turbines. There is too much unknown, and too many people suffering already to allow another project to go through.

 The meeting is a mandatory component for ‘public input’, so let them have your input.

 Please let others in our community know about this meeting as well. The wind company has not won, by far, and it’s important to show our strength in numbers at this meeting.


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