Send In Your Comments- this is easy and necessary

If you are anything like me (I hope not…) you may have missed filling out a comment form last night at the Adelaide Wind Farm  public input meeting, or the Bornish meeting a couple weeks back. I did have a copy that I picked up when I walked in, knowing that I would be too ‘hot-headed’ to actually write while being there.

Please print off this form below, fill it in and mail/e-mail/fax to Mark:
Mark Gallagher, Project Manager
Air Energy TCI
Suite 102, 381 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, QC  H2Y 1V2
Fax: 514-842-7904

And this is why: Your concerns are documented. If you don’t fill in this form, you know what it will say on the wind company’s report that they submit to the MOE? Probably something like this, “There were very few concerns raised at the Open House, and we addressed them all”. Or worse, “Everyone was in favour of wind turbines”, which is basically what happened at all the previous meetings. Our voices aren’t recorded but our written words are.

So please take the time to fill this out and put a stamp on an envelope. There are very few times when public input is asked for in these projects and this is one of them.


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