Township changes its tune…again? – Strathroy MyFM

Here’s a bizarre contradiction by Adelaide-Metcalfe township council:

At the last meeting of the Adelaide-Metcalfe township, the council clearly stated that they are not in favour of wind farms until health studies are conducted and that they supported a resolution to that effect submitted to the province by the City of Kawartha Lakes in October, 2009. When the local radio station, MyFM Strathroy, called me to ask why the Adelaide-Metcalfe council supported a motion asking for this moratorium, I told her I didn’t know. This was confusing since they had denied our request twice in the last 6 months for a similar motion—no surprise considering 3 of the 5 council members have a conflict of interest on this issue. I indicated that I felt glad to see this happen but could not clearly express why the flip-flop. My hope was that the media could get a straight answer on this.

So here is what the radio station learned when they approached the township…


Wind Farm Still A Major Concern

Thu, 28 Jan 2010 9:32:10 EST 

They are holding their stance despite what some may think. Mayor of Adelaide-Metcalfe John Milligan said the municipality is not in support of a moratorium now or were they ever, as he says the proposed Wind Farm to be added to the community is in the provinces hands. Milligan says a meeting held Tuesday evening by TCI Renewables -the company responsible for putting the turbines in the ground…didn’t entertain discussion but allowed for individual community members or municipal staff to speak directly to the experts and ask their questions. Milligan says he believes most community members are in favor of the wind farm. The Adelaide-Metcalfe Wind Farm is anticipated to be in the ground within two years.
Click here to hear the mayor defend himself.

Here is the signed letter that shows the council supporting a moratorium on wind turbines.


I can’t help but laugh at this blatant statement; do they not read what they sign?? Trying to play both fiddles? Sorry but it doesn’t work that way….!


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