The Adelaide Non-Info Meeting

The meeting at our Adelaide school, brought to us by our ever-caring wind salesmen TCI Renewables and NextEra (FPL), was of course frustrating. But one thing I really enjoyed was listening to the well informed questions residents posed at the supposed expert windies. Sometimes the answers were strained, mumbled and even laughable. Here’s some things that I learned, and I’m sure there are many other good ‘facts’ that you heard and had to stifle a laugh over (pass them along!).

  • The part that completely annoyed me right off the bat was the omission of any ‘Shadow Flicker’ maps on the fancy little tripod stands. None. They certainly have them available in their volumes of books, but really would like to not have to explain them to you or me, the residents who will have to live with it. Besides, the MOE doesn’t ask them to do that anymore, and health and safety really isn’t an issue to our provincial government….  As for that 10km of shadow flicker along the highway 402, we were told, “shadow flicker doesn’t affect you if you are driving” & “it only affects you if you are standing still”. I’d love to see the refrences to that little bit of info! And we aren’t to worry about Exit 56 with the shadow flicker of 6 turbines strobing across it, because there is a bush lot that will block the shadow from hitting the road. But there is no bush there….it is a flat farmer’s field, too bad the trees can’t help them out on this one. Shadow flicker is a known precipitant of migraines, whose symptoms include partial, transitory “blind spots”, a very unsafe condition when in a vehicle. 
  • This is a positive one I hope: The proposed Churchill Wind Farm is not the same as the Adelaide II Wind Farm that TCI was trying to sign people up for along Napperton Dr. and Katesville. It seems that this part of Adelaide may have went ‘sour’ on the salesmen (pesky residents and signs are possible culprits I hope). I’m hesitant to say this because I can hardly trust a word out of the mouths of these wind guys, but if this is really so…Way to Go Residents of Adelaide-Metcalfe Township for stopping the spread! Keep up the fantastic work of getting the word out to neighbours everywhere; continue with the fighting spirit!
  • Here’s another strange turn, that could be possibly positive for us if we believe it: The wind company claims it would bury the 13 km of overhead cable that they had proposed to go overhead (including around the school)…because ‘they are listening to our concerns’! Nice to know that our concerns are legit enough to change a project- who says complaining, and writing and hammering away at these guys doesn’t have an effect? But of course I’m not entirely convinced yet. You see, the first we heard of this was last night. The poster maps at the meeting showed the cable was buried. Mr. Gallagher told me to ‘take a photograph of the poster’ for reference. Odd, eh? Well this is because in their draft report for the MOE, the one map that differentiates between above and underground cable shows that it will be all above ground (see Adelaide Built Heritage and Cultural Landscape Survey, pg.10 map). There are no maps available showing this buried cable, so Mark or Brett…can you send me a hard copy of this revision so we have a chance of believing you?
  • One NextEra person was explaining that he believes that the Bornish Wind Farm would be constructed before the Adelaide Wind Farm because it was first in line on the list for transmission (this statement was valid pre-Green Energy Act… but not now-  it would seem he was trying to make residents less worried about the wind farm being presented that night, Adelaide). The Ontario Power Authority clearly states that it assesses which project is can be started the quickest, and that is the project that will get the go-ahead. Both Bornish and Adelaide are equal here. On top of that, NextEra full well intends to build both wind farms, so there is no relief for anyone if they think the other wind farm will be the only one…it won’t, if these guys get their way.
  • Our MPP Maria Van Bommel was at the meeting. I hope that Ms. Van Bommell is feeling a little Jekyll/Hyde with TV interviews about how wonderful the Samsung wind scandal will be for SW Ontario, and then come to her first meeting to possibly hear our ‘concerns’ about a wind project. Yes Maria, there are a lot of conflicting arguments- please learn them and remember you are here to give the residents a voice in Queen’s Park.
  • Stray Voltage- there seems to be plenty of confusion amongst wind developers/hydro/provincial government and us the residents. There are no straight answers. NextEra statements do not mesh with TCI statements. What we do know, and what isn’t argued, is that we have an outdated, overloaded system and we are asking for trouble by throwing these fluctuating wind turbines into the mix. When it was suggested that we update the system before even thinking about bringing in  wind turbines, FPL and TCI said that that would cause delay and possibly ‘shut down farms’ while upgrading! Sooooooo, basically they are saying go ahead quickly; ignore the stray voltage that will occur because we don’t want to stop progress. And Maria Van Bommel was there listening to this conversation…the stray voltage advocate. Is this acceptable?
  • Then of course, with our children’s school in mind, I ask, “Would you have them near your kids where you live in town?” I always expect to get shut down by the wind developers with an “of course, I completely endorse this WT that I sell and would love for my kids to live and play under one.” But that never happens. This time I had to word it a little different for him to get a handle of what we are going to face here and replaced wind turbines with “large apartment buildings with huge spinning blades on them”(!). No, that didn’t seem like a very safe thing to live near, said the salesmen. Me neither.

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