Wind power debate heating up in Adelaide-Metcalfe

 The Glencoe Transcript & Free Press – Hayter-Walden Publications Inc. – February 4, 2010
By Marie Williams-Gagnon

The lines in the sand have been drawn and those on both sides of the wind power debate in Adelaide-Metcalfe were in attendance at last Tuesday evening’s open house regarding the Adelaide Wind Project.
The rim of the gymnasium of Adelaide W.G. MacDonald was lined with information boards from NextEra Energy, which bought TCI Renewables in December.
The Adelaide Wind Farm will cover 8,300 ha of privately-owned land with a class 4 wind facility under REA. Up to 40 – 1.4MW wind turbines will provide up to 60MW capacity.
Although there was no speaker or group discussion at the open house, NextEra provided information that the GE 1.5 xle turbines will have a 41m blade and a 80m hub height above grade.
The major issues for the opponents of the project remained the proximity of the Wind Farm to the school and other properties. They claim that for a distance of 10km there will be shadow flicker on Hwy 402, particularly at the Exit 56 turnoff. Healthe concerns, including noise levels, are of concern to residents of Adelaide village that could have 4 wind turbines 600m away.
Adding fuel to the fire last week was mixed messages from Adelaide-Metcalfe mayor John Milligan.
After both Adelaide-Metcalfe and North Middlesex township councils supported a resolution from the City of Kawartha Lakes requesting a study of  adverse health effect prior to the issuance of any permits o continuance of any projects, Milligan said in a radio interview  last week that the municipality is not in support of a moratorium  now or were they ever, adding  that he believes most community members are in favour of the wind farm.
The Adelaide Wind Project is expected to be fully operational within two years.


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  1. We are now living in the footprint of a Wind Farm managed by NextEra that went online Dec. 15 2009. We have 4 GE 1.5 xle turbines close to our home and can see another 100+ from our property. We have been experiencing numerous problems since they went online. A small example of shadow flicker in our home can be seen at

    Be careful dealing with NextEra, as they will tell you one thing and deliver another.

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