Shadow Flicker and Road Safety Setbacks

I find that road safety is the last issue that anyone looks at with wind turbine construction. I’ll admit that it didn’t really grab my attention until I drove by the base of one near Port Burwell; it felt like I could just take a half minute walk from the car and touch the base of the tower. I remember thinking there is no way that this setback could be legal.  But it is, and the Green Energy Act actually reduced the setback from what many municipalities previously had in place. We rightly worry about our homes, schools and farms and what wind turbines will do to our health, livestock, property values and local wildlife. We don’t really think of roads as being ‘ours’, probably because we don’t have to maintain them or care for them. But we do drive them regularly and expect them to be safe. There are two issues that have been very much ignored by the wind companies and the Ministry of Environment: 

  1. Extensive shadow flicker on our roads
  2. Narrow setbacks to roads that don’t protect from ice throw, blade throw and tower topple. 

Near Shelburne, ON - Road Unassumed by Municipality: USE AT OWN RISK

 Below is a letter that summarizes the road safety issues associated with both the Bornish and Adelaide wind farms.


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