The Birds that we have are not just starlings.

Nesting nowy owl on Cuddy Drive
Snowy owl on Cuddy Drive

 It’s hard to believe that there are so many ‘senior biologists’ involved with the construction of wind turbine projects. With at least 3 years in academic study of ‘natural life’, I would hope they would be sensitive to their surroundings and how man can quickly alter the habitats for other species. But perhaps many of these wind employees can toss aside all that they were taught, because their pay cheque simply depends on them not seeing and believing the destruction that wind turbines create. Our area is always dismissed as being ‘agricultural’, with little in the way of significant species. Public meetings put on by the wind companies usually sum up our wildlife with a large photo of a house sparrow. That is apparently all that we have, or all that we are supposed to believe that we have. unfortunately for the wind companies, we LIVE here 365 days a year and get to witness so many more species then their bird man did, who was only around for a couple days or so. 

Diane McGuire from Cuddy Drive, NE of Adelaide Village, writes this about the above snowy owl:     

Here may be some of the last photos I’ll ever get of the snowy owls  in the field by our home.  Once the wind turbines are up, these magnificent birds, will no longer return.  We also have had many short eared owls living in our hedge row (up to 7 at once one year).  Just this last week, we had a screech owl in our front spruce trees.
Just another reason for the damn turbines not to be erected. It breaks my heart!  My children have had the opportunity to observe and learn about these great birds first hand, not from a text book.  The extinction list may be all that will be left for these birds and many other animals if the government has its way. 
I urge Mr. Milligan and all of our council to stand up and do the right thing – STOP the turbines!!”         

 And here is a picture of a a Bald Eagle that Muriel Allingham took this winter near Bornish:        

Bald Eagle near Bornish
Bald Eagle near Bornish

This picture was taken on Saturday, January 23, 2010, at approximately 10:30am on the field just east of Sylvan Road, between Bornish and Elm Tree.  The eagle sat for a time, and then headed northeast towards the proposed Bornish Wind Farm.  I wonder how she would have faired with the turbines in operation—or perhaps she is not really there, only a figment of our imaginations.       

 Last summer, one of the requests for an elevation for the Adelaide wind project focused on the ‘bird studies’ that were performed. Click here to read it.   


For a really good synopsis of how wind turbines will and are affecting southwestern Ontario, read this article by Wayne Wegner, “Location, Location, Location…Migration, Migration, Migration”.   


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