NextEra and TCI denied OPA permit

I guess the results today will give us some relief. Believe it or not, neither the Bornish, nor the Adelaide Wind Projects were awarded permits from the OPA! Yes, this is good news for us…temporarily.

This doesn’t mean that these projects have disappeared, they have just been delayed at least until an Economic Connection Test (ECT) is done by the OPA this August/September. With the ECT done, they hope to open ‘future transmission system expansion’ for more of these so-called renewable projects. It appears that there is just no room on this line, or that it is in such a bad state that they wouldn’t want to drop a huge wind project on it. I remember one wind guy saying they were hoping to ‘squeeze in both projects’ on the line, even though they knew it was crazy.

 You can see on the list that there are 2 more wind projects that also applied for a permit (Napier, and the Suncor Adelaide project). In other places, such as Manitoulin Island, projects that weren’t even revealed to the public yet were approved for a permit.

Every delay we get is a good thing. Each day, week, month and year that we can get these projects delayed costs the company money, and brings us closer to an election and the lawsuit.

Here’s a link to a map of where all the projects that were submitted and which were accepted.

Here’s the physical list of the projects to look at as well.

We need to support the fight against all wind projects:  if we allow wind projects elsewhere, the OPA will say, “well, lets just fix up your transmission lines here and give you a whole bunch of wind projects to fill it up, since you don’t seem to mind.’  Let’s make sure they don’t think that!


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