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NextEra/FPL- the not so ‘good neighbour’

That doesn’t seem to be the case below.
More likely they meant “Our Top Problem: Public Health and Safety”.

Life With DeKalb Turbines

May 8th 2010 blade failure

 After the post about Nextera/FPL’s ‘clustering’, I took a close look at this blog from DeKalb County, IL. The developer of this project is NextEra. The shadow flicker is visually horrendous. The residents are getting zero ‘help’ from the company. They have 4 little kids living on their farm. Their farm is a beautiful torture chamber in my opinion. read through their blog, day by day, and you soon get an idea what life with wind turbines is really like.  And this is all in the name of progress? Give me a break. You would only do this to a family if you were a cold-blooded, money hungry company with zero conscience.
This is the company that wants to be our neighbour. Do NOT let them in.  

Shadow flicker OUTSIDE a home  

Shadow flicker INSIDE a home


The ‘cluster’ effect – look at the NextEra example

Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

A ‘cluster’? Yep…nice word, isn’t it, something like ‘receptor‘. Unfortunately, we are the ‘receptors‘ that will be surrounded by ‘clusters’ of wind turbines. That’s basically what it all sums up to. If you want a definition of a cluster and how it ties in with Wind turbines, check out this OPA presentation from May 19th, 2010. Or a more simplified explanation (I’m quoting a local resident here):  Cluster: the OPA’s  term for the wind  companies getting all together – like snakes in a mating frenzy. 

Now for some news on clusters. Lets take a look at FPL or NextEra or whatever you want to call them. The quiet kings of clusters. They are sneak attackers, and the sales reps are what I call cold fish. They are experts at giving zero information and caring just as much. They hurt people, force them out of their homes, and just turn and walk the other way with a ‘tough luck!’ attitude. Not exactly the type of people you want as your neighbours. Read the rest of this entry

How much would you pay to see the Green Energy Act struck down and wind development stopped in Ontario?

We are all waiting and wondering when we will be bombarded with wind turbines. Will the OPA approve the local projects? How quick and easy will it be for developers to get other approvals? We keep on hearing how the Green Energy Act will ‘streamline’ and ‘quicken’ the approvals process. And we sigh every time we dodge a bullet. So how many times can we make it through unscathed? Well, when I see wind farms (such as Harrow)  going up as I write, it makes me worried…half a year ago these projects were in the same spot in approvals as us here in Adelaide. I can’t help but wonder how much longer we have before this ‘quick’ process takes us over.

SO…. this is what it boils downs to: the MOE is being dragged to court. How much would you pay to see the Green Energy Act struck down, and all wind projects stopped in their tracks? Please take that amount, print off the form below, write a cheque and send it to support the Ian Hanna Legal Fund. Better than that, print off 10 copies and hand it to other people who are looking for some way out of this mess.

*NOTE:* The Ian Hanna Lawsuit will STOP current planned projects and FORCE proper medical studies which we are confident will lead to set-backs of a minimum of 1.5 – 2KM. This will kill many projects plus perhaps force rectification/ compensation for built projects for ALL OF ONTARIO.

300+ Wind Turbines proposed for Lambton County

Lambton County could sprout 300 wind turbines


May 26th, 2010

The Sarnia Observer

Hundreds of wind turbines could be built in Lambton County if all the projects on the drawing board proceed as planned.

When the Ontario Power Authority awarded a new round of contracts to wind generation projects in April no Lambton sites were on the list.

But a dozen proposals with generation capacity totalling nearly 500 megawatts (MW) in Lambton did make a second power authority list of projects waiting for Hydro One to open more capacity on the grid.

Those Lambton projects would require building more than 300 turbines, if they used the current 1.5 MW models.

One of the largest on the drawing board is the 150 MW project that Jericho Wind Energy Centre Boulevard Associates Canada Inc. wants to build in the Thedford area.

“If they build the enabler line down from Forest, that part of the county will look like a hedgehog,” said Harvey Wrightman, a wind farm opponent who lives near the Lambton-Middlesex county line. Read the rest of this entry

Wind opponents not going away- Alvinston Public meeting June 30

Lawyer, Eric Gillespie

The Sarnia Observer
By Paul Morden

Opponents of a wind farm planned for southeast Lambton County have arranged for residents to hear from a lawyer challenging Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

The 30-member Dawn-Euphemia chapter of Wind Concerns want the Ontario government to halt the building of wind farms and commission an independent study of their impact on the health of people living near them, “so we can rest in peace that these things are being done right,” said co-chairperson Stewart Lewis.

A public meeting June 30 at the arena in Alvinston is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. The main speaker is Eric Gillespie, a lawyer acting on behalf of a resident of Prince Edward County who is challenge of the legislation governing the building of wind farms. Read the rest of this entry

A New List of Projects

Lately, many new projects have popped up in the area. A few have retreated a tad (of course that doesn’t mean much…a lease signed is a lease signed). The OPA lists 126 Wind turbines for Middlesex County. Lambton County has at least double that number proposed. It looks as if the wind developers are trying to pack the area around the transmission lines. 
Below is a map of all the registered projects in Middlesex county and area (more are in the works that we do not know about yet: Please let us know of any new projects).
View – Wind Projects- Middlesex County and Area 2010 in a larger map

Adelaide Wind Project
Nextera & TCI Renewables
60000 kW (40 Wind Turbines)
Status: Awaiting ECT

More Information on the Adelaide Wind Proposal here…….      
Bornish Wind Energy Centre
NextEra (FPL)
73500 kW (50 Wind Turbines)
Status: Awaiting ECT 

More Information on the Bornish Wind Proposal here…….  
Adelaide Wind Power Project
Suncor Energy Products Inc.
40000 kW (~26 WT’s) 
Status: Awaiting ECT
Lucan Maximum Breeze-
Maximum Breeze Energy Co-operative
10000 kW (~6 WT’s)
Status: Awaiting ECT
Napier Wind Farm
wpd Canada Corp. (has purchased some of IPC’s projects)
Wind turbines 5400 kW (~4 Wind Turbines)
Status: Awaiting ECT      
Strathroy A, B & C Wind Project
NextEra (FPL)
18 Wind Turbines
Status: No progress yet.      
Parkhill Wind Farm
Canadian Hydro 
~25 Wind turbines (30-70MW)
Status: No progress yet.          
More Information on the Parkhill Wind Proposal here……. 

Here is a map of what the OPA would like to see in Transmission Expansion.

Transmission expansion: click map to see details.

Transmission expansion: click map to see details.

  What affects us in Middlesex County: 

#6        London Area to Sarnia
“There is a significant amount of existing generation located in the area West of London, including gas, wind, solar and coal. There is also significant interest in additional wind generation development in the area. The inter-tie with Michigan is located here as well. Reinforcement of the transmission system west of London would be required to enable the incorporation of the new renewable generation.”

#10      Huron South Enabler
“One of a number of enabling transmission lines identified for areas throughout the province. These lines will be constructed in areas where there is sufficient developer interest in shared connection facilities and will help to enable an even greater amount of renewable generation.”  

#20      London-Hamilton Area
“As higher levels of renewable generation development occur in the area west of London, the transfer of power from London toward the GTA will increase. When this transfer reaches the capability of the existing transmission system between London and Hamilton, renewable generation development will be limited. New transmission between London and Hamilton would alleviate this restriction and allow for further renewable generation development in London and western Ontario.”

Enough is enough

These citizens, have been forced from their homes by IWT’s. No more Wind Turbine REFUGEES!

Stop the Wind Turbines!