How much would you pay to see the Green Energy Act struck down and wind development stopped in Ontario?

We are all waiting and wondering when we will be bombarded with wind turbines. Will the OPA approve the local projects? How quick and easy will it be for developers to get other approvals? We keep on hearing how the Green Energy Act will ‘streamline’ and ‘quicken’ the approvals process. And we sigh every time we dodge a bullet. So how many times can we make it through unscathed? Well, when I see wind farms (such as Harrow)  going up as I write, it makes me worried…half a year ago these projects were in the same spot in approvals as us here in Adelaide. I can’t help but wonder how much longer we have before this ‘quick’ process takes us over.

SO…. this is what it boils downs to: the MOE is being dragged to court. How much would you pay to see the Green Energy Act struck down, and all wind projects stopped in their tracks? Please take that amount, print off the form below, write a cheque and send it to support the Ian Hanna Legal Fund. Better than that, print off 10 copies and hand it to other people who are looking for some way out of this mess.

*NOTE:* The Ian Hanna Lawsuit will STOP current planned projects and FORCE proper medical studies which we are confident will lead to set-backs of a minimum of 1.5 – 2KM. This will kill many projects plus perhaps force rectification/ compensation for built projects for ALL OF ONTARIO.


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