The ‘cluster’ effect – look at the NextEra example

Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

Low Frequency Noise 'RECEPTOR'

A ‘cluster’? Yep…nice word, isn’t it, something like ‘receptor‘. Unfortunately, we are the ‘receptors‘ that will be surrounded by ‘clusters’ of wind turbines. That’s basically what it all sums up to. If you want a definition of a cluster and how it ties in with Wind turbines, check out this OPA presentation from May 19th, 2010. Or a more simplified explanation (I’m quoting a local resident here):  Cluster: the OPA’s  term for the wind  companies getting all together – like snakes in a mating frenzy. 

Now for some news on clusters. Lets take a look at FPL or NextEra or whatever you want to call them. The quiet kings of clusters. They are sneak attackers, and the sales reps are what I call cold fish. They are experts at giving zero information and caring just as much. They hurt people, force them out of their homes, and just turn and walk the other way with a ‘tough luck!’ attitude. Not exactly the type of people you want as your neighbours.

So how much does FPL have going in THIS area?

There are some HUGE new projects. I thought some of them were typos on the OPA website, but no, these numbers are real.

  1. Bornish  (Parkhill) 75 MW (50 1.5MW wind turbines)
  2. Goshen (S. Huron) 160 MW (106 1.5MW or 68 2.3MW Wind Turbines)
  3. Jericho how prophetic! -230 MW (100 1.5MW or 65 2.3MW Wind Turbines) note 230MW really equals 153 1.5MW Wind Turbines…no doubt they will make that out eventually.
  4. Adelaide bought from AET/TCI-  60 MW (40 1.5MW Wind Turbines)

    ONE company
    is proposing 349 wind turbines in this ‘cluster’. Then there are some old FPL projects hanging around, who knows what they’ll dream up with these leases: Strathroy A, B & C…but maybe they didn’t make a good enough ‘cluster’ with them…yet.
    Lets add-on a couple more companies like Suncor, (another 111WT’s in Camlachie), and WPD, and Mainstream and TCI and IPC etc etc.

How do you stop this? Lawsuit. Donate Donate Donate Ian Hanna Lawsuit- donation form, please and thank you!

Plus, could somebody pease tell me there is a Wind Action group forming up near the lake! These numbers are off the chart.

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