NextEra/FPL- the not so ‘good neighbour’

That doesn’t seem to be the case below.
More likely they meant “Our Top Problem: Public Health and Safety”.

Life With DeKalb Turbines

May 8th 2010 blade failure

 After the post about Nextera/FPL’s ‘clustering’, I took a close look at this blog from DeKalb County, IL. The developer of this project is NextEra. The shadow flicker is visually horrendous. The residents are getting zero ‘help’ from the company. They have 4 little kids living on their farm. Their farm is a beautiful torture chamber in my opinion. read through their blog, day by day, and you soon get an idea what life with wind turbines is really like.  And this is all in the name of progress? Give me a break. You would only do this to a family if you were a cold-blooded, money hungry company with zero conscience.
This is the company that wants to be our neighbour. Do NOT let them in.  

Shadow flicker OUTSIDE a home  

Shadow flicker INSIDE a home


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