‘Counting’ is not NextEra’s strength.

The one thing people need to know about a project is How Many Wind Turbines are proposed (pretty basic…). You’d think the company (In this case, FPLE/NextEra) could rattle these numbers off smoothly. Well, they can’t even write them correctly in their huge advertisements and draft proposals. Below are the real numbers, which of course are bigger then the advertised numbers. I guess they are thinking, “What’s the big deal.? ..Give or take 135 massive wind turbines…nobody will notice!”

….So that’s potentially 319 wind turbines up at the Lake for this particular company, not 184.

Jericho Wind Energy Centre
230MW wind project

Advertised #’s:  100  1.5MW wind turbines OR  65   2.3MW wind turbines  

Real #’s:              153  1.5MW wind turbines OR 100 2 .3MW wind turbines 

Bluewater Wind Energy Centre
90MW wind project 

Advertised #’s:    40 1.5MW wind turbines  OR  39  2.3MW wind turbines            

Real #’s:               60 1.5MW wind turbines   OR   39 2.3MW wind turbines             

Goshen Wind Energy Centre
160MW wind project

Advertised #’s:    44   1.5MW wind turbines  OR  68 2.3MW wind turbines            

Real #’s:               106  1.5MW wind turbines  OR  68 2.3MW wind turbines


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