Money can’t buy you health

How many times have you heard the following:

“They (victims of wind turbines) are just upset because they didn’t get a turbine on their property.”

“Those who are making an income off of wind turbines don’t seem to have any problems. We should encourage ‘community projects'”.

“People are making themselves sick worrying about wind turbines. It’s all psychosomatic.”

  • None of these explain why children are being affected. Toddlers can’t understand low-frequency noise. They can’t understand income from a wind company.
  • None of these explain why those who were looking forward to having wind turbines, thought they were a good idea, watched them get turned on…and then became horribly sick.
  • None of these explain why farmer’s like the ones in the  movies below, are speaking out against the wind turbines that are on THEIR property and ruining THEIR life. Kudos to those who speak up and ignore the ‘gag clauses’.

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