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Suncor has a couple of projects in the works: Adelaide Wind Power Project and Camlachie – Cedar Point Wind Project. Both developments applied for an OPA permit, but have not received one yet.

Besides the application to the OPA. there has been no activity on the Adelaide Wind Power Project.  Suncor does not respond to any requests for information on this project. Maybe they are trying to sell it, the usual flip flip flip way.
This project has a Nameplate Capacity of 40MW Which would equal ~26,  1.5MW Wind Turbines. It appears that the proposal is located north of Strathroy, and West of Adelaide Village.

As for the Camlachie – Cedar Point Wind Project, there has been a ‘Public Meeting’ where the draft was available to view, but  Suncor does not have a website where you can see any of their information on their projects. So here is a link to the draft that was sent to me by e-mail :  
Camlachie – Cedar PointWind Project Description Report. This report says that there will be up to 28,  2.5MWthe really really big wind turbines (135m tall) with a Nameplate Capacity of 70MW. 
Of course this doesn’t match up to what is on the OPA website. The OPA  suggests this project actually has 2 phases, and it’s no surprise that the second phase is bigger than the first.  Phase I is 50MW and Phase II is 100MW  which is about 100 1.5MW or 60 2.5MW wind turbines for this company. Keep in mind there are other companies overlapping project space (NextEra, TCI Renewables…)

As usual, these project numbers are made up on the fly, and the last people informed are the soon to be ‘receptors’- the people on the receiving end.


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