Dr. McMurtry on Wind Turbines and Health

In  1992 Dr. Robert McMurtry became Dean of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario and subsequently Dean of Medicine and Dentistry, a post he held until 1999.  In 1999, he became the first Cameron Visiting Chair at Health Canada – a post carrying the responsibility for providing policy advice to the Deputy Minister and Minister of Health for Canada. More info here


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  1. In PEI they have tons of wind turbines now and next year they are expecting a huge power rate increase to pay for it. Get this; they will be paying 13 cents per Kwh for their power. You heard me. The word is that if PEI people can pay 13 cents then so can the people of Ontario, because Ontario is rich of course. If you folks in Ontario keep putting up wind turbines you will be paying thought the nose too. Be prepared, it’s coming. It’s time to dump McGuinty, this was his idea.

    Oh by the way, some of the folks who live near the tubines can hear the radio through their fillings, I can’t wait to hear that class action suit.

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