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A very pathetic meeting: Zephyr/Green Breeze

Last night we went to the Green Breeze Energy public info meeting for Zephyr Farm’s “Brooke-Alvinston Wind Farm”. It only takes a minute to acclimatized to a room full of wind reps… and make my blood boil. This company was only giving out Timbits at this event, which wasn’t very appetizing (do I really want to eat out of the same little box as them?!).

This project proposes 4 Samsung 2.5MW wind turbines (made in S. Korea), on property owned by one family. It is a fairly sparse populated block that it is located on, BUT, there are neighbours to it.

The project already has it’s OPA agreement under the old 11 cents/KWh agreement. They decided to keep this contract with the lower rate, because if they would have tried for the higher GEA rate, they would have lost their transmission line space….which is maxed out right now, hence no other projects moving forward just yet in this area.

Consultants were Stantec, and they didn’t want to talk about the ‘liens’ in Prince Edward County…at all. He wanted to talk about it later…somewhere else…where others wouldn’t hear, I presume. This Stantec rep was not very helpful, unfortunately. There was a poster on Noise- it had 3 paragraphs, and none of them made sense. First I thought maybe I just wasn’t ‘getting it’, and re-read it. Then I asked him, and his answers were “well, that’s a difficult question’, ‘well…it’s not really that number’, ‘I’m not really sure what the real number is’……*sigh*, this gets boring real fast. Read the rest of this entry


Don’t miss info meeting in Clinton- September 16th

Public Information meeting in Clinton

Date:         Thursday, Sept. 16
Time:          7:30 pm
Location:     Reach Centre, 169 Beech St., Clinton

Dr. Robert McMurtry –      Health Concerns
William Palmer P. Eng.-   Safety 
Ian Hanna–                 Lawsuit against the Green Energy Act. 

Sponsored by CHAT and HEAT Wind Concerns Ontario groups. Read the rest of this entry

Re: Ill Wind Blows Over Turbines

Letter to the Editor
London Free Press — August 18, 2010
The McGuinty government has made it one of their primary goals to increase “green” energy in the province, thus increasing the percentage of energy generated by renewable sources. They have also made it clear in other similar construction sites, such as those along Lake Erie, other parts of Lake Huron and near the Adelaide region west of London, that they simply don’t care whether local people want them or not.

I am unsure about the motive for this, but as more and more people educate themselves about the pros and cons of windmills, the opposition to their installation is only going to increase. At the moment, however, due to the Green Energy Act, the McGuinty government does not need local support, and they are not even required to conduct an environmental assessment to determine whether a windmill will cause harm to the local environment. That’s right: if it’s “green”, it is assumed to be good for the environment and no further investigation is ever made.

This is an issue that is growing, and sooner or later the government will have to deal with it, rather than simply ignoring opposition.

Adam Shirley, London

MPP has real hard time with basic IWT questions

Mitchell focuses on regulations

MPP says eliminating coal-fired generation ‘single-most important issue’

By JONATHAN SHER, The London Free Press  August 21, 2010

With lakeshore residents up in arms over proposals to build wind farms in Lake Huron, Free Press reporter Jonathan Sher interviewed Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell. Here is the transcript from Friday’s interview:

Sher: The Ontario Ministry of Environment has a proposal to create a 5 km buffer along the lakeshore. In Michigan, on the other side of the lake, there’s some thought they’d go twice as far to protect the tourism trade. How far a buffer do you think we need?

Mitchell: When the Green Energy Act was developed there’s always a scan of all of areas that have similar activity happening in their jurisdiction so that will happen again. One always has to make the decisions based upon on science and obviously we have to take into consideration the use of the lake right now. So the combination of all of that, the scan of what’s happening in other areas, the science and the uses and because Lake Huron is also . . . there’s use of water that people draw .. the city of London draws its water from Lake Huron. So all of that has to be taken into consideration.

Sher: Have you come to any conclusion yet on how big the buffer should be?

Mitchell: No, I have not come to any conclusion yet. One of t he things I want to encourage people to do is to become engaged, submit what your thoughts are, look to what is being recommended. I have asked for an extension by the MOE to give a longer period for people to provide their input with regard to the five km. We see what the MNR is bring forward so give us your thoughts. What are you thinking? All of that will be taken into consideration and this is just one part of it. There’s still the consultation process, public consultation process will begin as well.

Sher: There’s been concern raised by quite a few people in the community about their inability to find out which companies have applied to develop offshore in Lake Huron. We’ve been told there are three companies, 12 proposals in total, one as close as 50 meters from the shoreline. Shouldn’t people have a right to know?

Mitchell: (Interrupting) Let’s just talk about process for a minute. So the applications that were received were in 2008 so the regulatory framework attached to offshore had not been developed. If there is to be a development offshore, MNR is just one piece. There’s the MNR regulatory framework. Read the rest of this entry

Wind blows, mayor says

By Paul Morden   August 20th, 2010

I think they’re just a waste of money.

Building wind turbines close to the Lake Huron shoreline will hurt tourism, says the mayor of Lambton Shores.

A standing committee of Lambton County council backed Gord Minielly’s request Thursday for a staff report on the potential impact of off shore wind turbines.

Ontario proposed rules for offshore wind turbines in June that included a five kilometre buffer zone.

Three companies have submitted 12 off shore applications Lake Huron sites as near as 50 metres from shore, and as far as 30 kilometres offshore, the Ministry of Natural Resources says. Read the rest of this entry

10MW Development South of Watford

Notice of Proposal/Public Meeting: BrookeAlvinstonWindProposal

Company: Green Breeze Energy Inc (Oneworld Energy)
Project:      Zephyr Farms Limited
Location:   SW of Watford between Ebenezer and Old Walnut Rd., south of Churchill Line
Capacity:   10MW

Downlad Draft Proposal

Public Input Meeting

Date:            Aug. 26,
Time:          5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre (Arena) in Alvinston

Watford project could be operational next year

More wind turbines for Lambton

August 2nd 2010

The Observer

A four-turbine wind farm could be generating electricity in Brooke-Alvinston Township by the fall of 2011.

Brent Hall of Green Breeze Energy Inc. said the Mississauga-based company has a contract to sell electricity from its proposed 10 MW Zephyr Farms Limited project to Ontario Power Authority.

Green Breeze Energy is working through the provincial environment approvals process and has a public meeting scheduled for Aug. 26, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre in Alvinston.

The turbines will be built southwest of Watford between Ebenezer and Old Walnut roads, just south of Churchill Line.

“We are hoping to begin construction in late spring of next year,” Hall said. The first stages will be building access roads and concrete bases for the four turbines that could be erected next summer and operating by the fall of 2011, he said.

Mayor Don McGugan said opinion is split in the township when it comes to wind farms.

“If people can prove to me, and show to me, that there is not a health hazard, I don’t have a problem with them,” he said. Read the rest of this entry

Turbines too loud? Take $5Gs

By QMI Agency London Free Press
August 1, 2010 12:03pm

An energy company is reportedly offering residents of a farming community in Ione, Ore. $5,000 to not criticize the wind farm they’re planning to build.

The New York Times reports that a representative of the New York-based Caithness Energy company has been going around the town of about 300 asking residents to sign a waiver that says they won’t complain about the noise generated from the new wind farm expected to arrive in 2013. In exchange, they’ll each get a cheque for $5,000.

“Shall we call it hush money?” 84-year-old farmer George Griffith told the paper. “It was about as easy as easy money can get.”

The Shepherd’s Flat wind farm will have 338 turbines generating more than 900 megawatts. The town already has a wind farm called Willow Creek, which is operated by another company. Some residents refused to remain quiet about the noise issue, saying the existing wind farm kept them up at night and even gave them headaches and nausea.