Turbines too loud? Take $5Gs

By QMI Agency London Free Press
August 1, 2010 12:03pm

An energy company is reportedly offering residents of a farming community in Ione, Ore. $5,000 to not criticize the wind farm they’re planning to build.

The New York Times reports that a representative of the New York-based Caithness Energy company has been going around the town of about 300 asking residents to sign a waiver that says they won’t complain about the noise generated from the new wind farm expected to arrive in 2013. In exchange, they’ll each get a cheque for $5,000.

“Shall we call it hush money?” 84-year-old farmer George Griffith told the paper. “It was about as easy as easy money can get.”

The Shepherd’s Flat wind farm will have 338 turbines generating more than 900 megawatts. The town already has a wind farm called Willow Creek, which is operated by another company. Some residents refused to remain quiet about the noise issue, saying the existing wind farm kept them up at night and even gave them headaches and nausea.


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