10MW Development South of Watford

Notice of Proposal/Public Meeting: BrookeAlvinstonWindProposal

Company: Green Breeze Energy Inc (Oneworld Energy)
Project:      Zephyr Farms Limited
Location:   SW of Watford between Ebenezer and Old Walnut Rd., south of Churchill Line
Capacity:   10MW

Downlad Draft Proposal

Public Input Meeting

Date:            Aug. 26,
Time:          5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre (Arena) in Alvinston

Watford project could be operational next year

More wind turbines for Lambton

August 2nd 2010

The Observer

A four-turbine wind farm could be generating electricity in Brooke-Alvinston Township by the fall of 2011.

Brent Hall of Green Breeze Energy Inc. said the Mississauga-based company has a contract to sell electricity from its proposed 10 MW Zephyr Farms Limited project to Ontario Power Authority.

Green Breeze Energy is working through the provincial environment approvals process and has a public meeting scheduled for Aug. 26, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre in Alvinston.

The turbines will be built southwest of Watford between Ebenezer and Old Walnut roads, just south of Churchill Line.

“We are hoping to begin construction in late spring of next year,” Hall said. The first stages will be building access roads and concrete bases for the four turbines that could be erected next summer and operating by the fall of 2011, he said.

Mayor Don McGugan said opinion is split in the township when it comes to wind farms.

“If people can prove to me, and show to me, that there is not a health hazard, I don’t have a problem with them,” he said.

The location proposed for the Zephyr Farms project is more than 550 metres from other property owners’ homes, McGugan said. “It is kind of isolated.”

A recent information night in Alvinston, organized by a group opposed to a wind farm proposal in nearby Dawn-Euphemia Township, attracted about 175 people, but the crowd also included people from outside of Lambton County, McGugan said.

“I understand people’s concern for something new,” Hall said, “but there’s no empirical data to support that there’s any health effects.”

While wind turbines are relatively new in Ontario, they’ve been operating in Europe for 20 years, he said.

“There are over 20,000 turbines spinning in Germany, and they have been spinning for a very long time,” Hall said. “I think most of the concerns that are brought up are really more about aesthetics than true health concerns.”

The Aug. 26 public meeting is one of at least two the company will hold as it moves through the provincial approvals process, Hall said.

Green Breeze Energy is the Canadian wind division for Oneworld Energy, a company with turbine projects in Europe.

McGugan said he expects to see more wind farm proposals in his part of Lambton.

“I’ve had three different contacts in the last two weeks from other firms that are in talking,” he said. “They haven’t optioned any land, but they’re certainly looking at optioning land. This is not going to go away.”



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  1. Every year the Tundra Swans on their migration north to Grand Bend fly directly over this proposed area. The Swans land for a few days in the field just north of the intersection of CHURCHILL and EBENEZER!!!

    I live on Churchill and I don’t want to see turbines when I look out my window and I don’t want to see mangled, bloodied bodies of Tundra Swans on my road!!

  2. Hi Jill, The worst of it is that wind companies plan to cover the area (the entire migration route) from Lake Erie to Lake Huron with WT’s. Just one company (Nextera) is proposing over 400 wind turbines for this area, and many other proposals from other companies overlap them. Looks like there will be no break for the birds when they reach the lake, with off-shore turbines planned as well. An absolute disater in the making. I really don’t think the Ministry of the Environment gives a hoot about the ‘environment’, just money money money now.

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