Re: Ill Wind Blows Over Turbines

Letter to the Editor
London Free Press — August 18, 2010
The McGuinty government has made it one of their primary goals to increase “green” energy in the province, thus increasing the percentage of energy generated by renewable sources. They have also made it clear in other similar construction sites, such as those along Lake Erie, other parts of Lake Huron and near the Adelaide region west of London, that they simply don’t care whether local people want them or not.

I am unsure about the motive for this, but as more and more people educate themselves about the pros and cons of windmills, the opposition to their installation is only going to increase. At the moment, however, due to the Green Energy Act, the McGuinty government does not need local support, and they are not even required to conduct an environmental assessment to determine whether a windmill will cause harm to the local environment. That’s right: if it’s “green”, it is assumed to be good for the environment and no further investigation is ever made.

This is an issue that is growing, and sooner or later the government will have to deal with it, rather than simply ignoring opposition.

Adam Shirley, London


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