No Severance for NextEra

On Monday September 20th, the large turnout of 80+ residents to the Adelaide-Metcalfe council chambers certainly influenced the decision of council to defer voting on the land severance application for NextEra. Note that it can be submitted again, or it will be put forward in another form or another property.

Stopping this severance does NOT stop the Bornish or Adelaide Wind Developments. It DOES send a powerful message to council that residents object to special privilege for wind companies. No matter that the planner tried to explain it as another special effect of the Green Energy Act, the severance blatantly ignores farmland preservation, one of the primary purposes of the official plan. The severance simply addresses the company’s request for land. The “Industrial” effects of this facility (noise, stray voltage, etc.) are conveniently left for “later study”. There is a basic issue of fairness here, because the serious consequences of the development are not discussed at all. Residents clearly stated these at the council meeting:

  • The severance benefits mainly the wind company and the previous owner
  • The proposed lot size, 10 acres, is much more than is required for a relatively small installation. The company’s lawyer explained that this was necessary to accommodate a “staging area” for the projects construction and later a maintenance facility. So, the site would provide added the disruption of heavy equipment traffic and noise – a bit different than a simple transformer station. As one resident noted, there is already a lot of traffic and noise, day and night with the Enbridge’s compressor station. Add the wind turbine facility and the site becomes a major industrial facility with broader reaching effects.
  • The noise of the transformer station will be in addition to the compressor station noise already there. That will affect several nearby residences.
  • The stray voltage issue of the current line is well-known. Neither the wind companies, nor Hydro, have seriously discussed this issue, let alone address it. The current 115kv “pump line” is ~ 50 years old and is deficient in many ways, and Hydro knows this as it will officially permit only 35 MW of “renewable energy on the line. There are numerous poles with ground leads that have been deliberately severed and stapled to the poles – work done cleanly and presumably by Hydro. One landowner stated that cattle on a pasture near the line, will not graze within 80′ of the line and stray voltage is measurable within this corridor.

Neither the company’s lawyer, nor the planner would or could reply to these technical questions. Though it is a simple severance being asked for, even the company lawyer admitted, ” …these are valid questions.” It is very much a case of the “the cart before the horse”, and these technical questions must be addressed by independent expert analysis for the township residents. I’m sure that residents will be back in future council meetings.


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