Speak out and demand answers about wind farms

Sarnia Observer   Sept 03, 2010

Sir: Re: The article “Opinion split on wind farms, mayor says” (The Observer, Aug. 28, 2010)

I attended the Green Breeze Energy public information meeting for the Brooke- Alvinston Wind Farm. Of the half-dozen or so wind proponent meetings I have been to, I would have to say that this was the worst meeting for actual information available.

Both the representatives from the wind company and the consultants (Stantec) were unable to answer very basic questions about their project, such as what the road setback distance was, what the noise levels would be or where the shadow flicker would fall. In fact, when they were questioned about the shadow flicker, the consultants response was, “We don’t have to give that information under the GEA anymore.” Comforting, eh?

This consultant also claimed that the sound power level of the 2.5MW Samsung turbines was considerably lower then the actual (105.7dBA). He also told another resident who was concerned about the noise, that she’d only get sick if she made herself worried about it, and told her, “Look, you’re stressed out right now!”

Are these the type of corporations you want to be your neighbours? Do they sound like they will take care of you if noise, shadow flicker or electrical pollution become a problem? Not likely.

Don’t sit back like council and say your hands are tied. You are free to speak out and demand better answers.

Better yet, take action and support the Ian Hanna lawsuit (held this fall, 2010) which asks only for a moratorium on wind turbine construction and an independent, epidemiological health study. It is a very simple request asking for a reasonable action.

The MOE is hard-pressed to defend their negligent actions. — Esther Wrightman Kerwood, ON


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