More issues for Adelaide-Metcalfe election

At the all-candidates debate held on Tuesday evening,mayor-elect David Bolton stated his goal was to “continue the continuity” of the current regime. Some features of that continuity are:

  1. Sewers brought to Kerwood (very good), but no water. What are the chances of that happening in the next 10 years?
  2. No surplus house severances, councillor MacKinnon was the only one who voted in favour of severances. This has become an ideological subject which defies logic. As the planner noted, there are 160 potential surplus houses which presumably are now rental units.It makes better sense to have them severed and make home-owners out of renters. It would add ~ $200,000 to the tax base with no development costs.
  3. All candidates view the development of the Hwy 81 corridor as crucial to providing increased assessment. How that will happen is a mystery. As was pointed out by Putts Strybosch, the mayor is the salesman/ambassador for the township who answers the questions and makes the presentations to any commercial/industrial inquiries. He also noted that there is no office phone # for the mayor and no e-mail address, only a home phone #. This speaks of a backwoods way of doing business. The phone calls will go to Strathroy/Caradoc first.
  4. Re: stray voltage from the 115 kv “pump line” which both wind projects, Adelaide and Bornish want to hook into, all candidates insisted on “studies first”. This is curious, as the outgoing council ( except for Nick Stokman) has facilitated all the requests of the wind company AET/TCI. On a related issue, health problems of wind turbines, candidate Betty Ann MacKinnon referred to the “literature review” lead by Dr. David Colby for the wind industry (hardly an unbiased source) – as did Mary Ann Hendrickx who also said that, “…4 pages of references has to mean something.” The British National Health Service reviewed the Colby report and dismissed it as insufficient saying there was “…a lack of high-level evidence on which to base any solid conclusions.” The point for any councillor is, 4 pages of citations can be 4 pages of nothing. Content matters. And really, this is the crux of the matter in Adelaide/Metcalfe – the amount and quality of research and thought that a councillor puts into decisions.

Vague promises of “trust” mean nothing. The reality of our situation is stark: If this township continues to stumble in its attempts to accommodate business and residents in the areas next to Strathroy, it will lose them within 10 years. Adelaide/Metcalfe with only 3000 residents is the smallest municipality in Middlesex. Without those properties, the township will be non-viable and fold, probably into Strathroy/Caradoc. This was not in the debate. Everyone knows it can happen. We need a new council and deputy mayor that recognize how serious the issue is and have some practical ideas on what to do. I would say that to “continue the continuity” will take us to the bottom.

Harvey Wrightman


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