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Below are 2 protests that are planned within driving distance. The companies have familiar names: Samsung and NextEra. The last protest in Fergus drew ~1000 people- I don’t know if that could be reached again, but maybe a protest is the only appropriate way to ‘welcome’ the wind companies and their infomercials to our areas anymore. The message chanted at the Fergus meeting to the wind company was “Go Away”;… not asking much, pretty simple. Please pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested.



A protest is planned in Blenheim during the Open House for the massive 270MW (115-125 turbines) Samsung/Pattern project for the area.

Monday November 22- 5 to 9 PM
Blenheim Golf Club
439 Chatham St. South, Blenheim
Gather to voice and show concern about the alarming proliferation of wind turbines in Chatham-Kent. This protest will take place at the Samsung/Pattern Energy South Kent 270 MW wind project public meeting.



This project is in John Wilkinson’s (Minister of the Environment) own riding and is NextEra’s 2nd meeting for this area.
Tuesday November 30 – 5 to 8 PM – Please arrive by 6 pm
PMD Arena
Main Street W, 11-33 Wellington St S, Mapleton


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