It’s OK to kill 900 birds/year in Bornish?

Turbines: Killer of Birds

Here is a very important comment form that all residents of Ontario should fill out by December 20, 2010:
 “Birds and Bird Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects (2010)”  Nov 5, 2010 EBR Registry Number:   011-0112

Basically the Ontario government is trying to make a certain ‘number’ of dead birds killed  by a wind turbine acceptable (or ignorable).

So let’s take the Bornish Wind Project for example (50 turbines)… the government doesn’t even want to HEAR about any bird kills unless these machines can kill this # of birds, per year, in this project:

  • 900 birds  
  • 10 raptors
  • 5 raptors of provincial conservation concern

Does this sound crazy to you?

A resident from the Sarnia area wrote the following:

Here is an excerpt from that posting ( “Birds and Bird Habitats: Guidelines for Wind Power Projects (2010)” ):

“The Guidelines address the new requirements of the REA regulation, incorporate new North American science and information and provide guidance on identifying and addressing potential negative effects on birds and bird habitats during the planning, construction and operation of wind power projects by:

establishing a requirement for an additional two years of scoped monitoring when a threshold of bird mortality exceeds:
• 18 birds/ turbine/year;
• 0.2 raptors/turbine/year (all raptors);
• 0.1 raptors/turbine/year (raptors of provincial conservation concern); or
• 2 raptors/windpower project (<10 turbines).

It makes me absolutely SICK that they are clearly acknowledging there will be a bird kill rate, and further, it would be acceptable as a guideline for the wind industry to follow the bird kill rate for monitoring purposes only.  If the industry exceeds that rate, there is no means of ‘punishing’ the industry.  All they are required to do is monitor.  Also, the monitoring rates are in terms of per turbine/per year – so what if they kill 180 birds flying through a group of 10 turbines – they’ll get over it?!!  Death is considered a “potential negative effect”??  That is supreme arrogance as far as I am concerned.

If the federal government is charging companies like Syncrude in Alberta for killing >400 ducks, taking them to court, and forcing them to pay millions in damages towards conservation efforts, why is it OK in Ontario to do essentially the same thing, and get away with it completely??  What happens with contraventions to the federal Migratory Birds Act – who is accountable – the Ontario tax payer?  Is this part of their Open for Business Plan – kill off as many birds as possible, hire a slew of conservation officers to figure out how to re-establish the loss, and let it be known to Ontarions they have now created an extra 100 jobs?

 The end date for the comment period is Dec 20, 2010. 

In my humble opinion, it is on this issue alone that a vote of non-confidence should be entered against the current government.


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