Question & Answer with Ian Hanna

by Jonathan Sher, London Free Press
January 24th, 2011

Last week Free Press Reporter Jonathan Sher spoke with the Prince Edward County man who sought the judicial review, Ian Hanna, and his Toronto lawyer, Eric Gillespie. Below are excerpts of their conversation:

Q Prior to getting involved with wind turbines had you been involved with environmental issues or activism?

Hanna: No to both questions.

Q You never led petitions before, subscribed to newsletters on environmental issues or tried to interject yourself into public debate?

That’s absolutely correct.

Q What things attracted you to move to Big Island from the GTA?

The idea of a more rural atmosphere appealed to us. The openness, the stars, the birds. You have to come here sometime and walk outside on a summer’s afternoon. It’s just unbelievable.

Q What about adverse health effects of wind turbines?

People appear to be emotionally drained, unable to really function on a calm, natural basis. We know people can’t sleep properly at all when they are close to industrial wind turbines . . . They appeared to be very tortured by the effects.

Q Why did you continue to pursue the case even though your home and Big Island no longer in harm’s way?

Because it’s the right thing to do. I have three children who if I gave them nothing else . . . I think I at least gave them the strength or assisted them with gaining the strength to stand up for what they believe in and for what’s right.

Q How has the legal action been financed?

We put every cent we could put in to it so far and if we have to put more, we’ll find it . . . 100% of the money that’s been contributed has come from people just like us, other families all over Ontario . . .

Q How much has been raised so far? Ballpark?

Close to $200,000

Q How are you feeling as you head toward the hearing in Toronto?

I’m excited, I’m confident, I’m grateful for the incredible capable way it’s been handled . . . and to be really fair I’m exceedingly sad and disappointed . . . It’s all been based on facts and realities and truths coming from just regular people like myself who have no axe to grind with anybody beyond the fact that we’re frightened by the potential of this, yet, the other side has done one thing and one thing only: They’ve circled their wagons.


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