The 550m March to your MPP’s Office!

Join the Protest!  Spread the Word!
Sat., April 2nd, – 11:00AM – Downtown Strathroy

Head & Front St. (Kenwick Mall) to MPP Maria Van Bommel’s office MAP

The 550m March to your MPP’s Office!

(it’s not that far- just as close as a wind turbine can be from your home!)


What’s at Stake?

Your family and farm’s health
Noise, vibration, stray voltage, shadow flicker, flashing red lights:
These can cause sleep disturbance, chronic stress, depression, migraines, nausea, memory loss, dizziness, vertigo, burning sensations, and have adverse effects on farm animals such as breeding cattle.

Mass industrialization of rural Ontario
Impact on birds and bats, destruction of natural and social environments, visual impact, loss of farmland.

Impact on your property values
Density and proximity of IWTs to our homes, farms and communities can result in a drastic loss in your home’s market value.

Rise in your electricity costs
Big $$$ paid to wind companies + new transmission: up, up, up! 

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex- Over 500 Wind Turbines proposed/built in this riding.
Thamesville, Alvinston, Petrolia, Ravenswood, Arkona, Adelaide and anywhere in between.

Ms. Van Bommel has agreed to meet us at her office and speak to the crowd at 12:00 noon. Bring signs (homemade ones are great), kids, pets, noisemakers/instruments, costumes.

Park behind the Kenwick Mall.    View IWT Protest March – Strathroy in a larger map

Print  Protest flyer and hand out to those who oppose wind turbines!

More info?


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