A week of tweets with Maria Van B.

In the silly world of Twitter, where you can only write 140 characters at a time, I had a ‘conversation’ with Maria VanBommel for the last week. Fortunately, I copied it before she deleted it today! I guess I’m black listed , or censored, or ignored…pick one.

At first, I guess she thought she would stick to the spin, with fancy links to pro-wind articles. Then I think she got a little ticked, and started writing personal replies, not really answers to my key questions (like why they won’t do a health study), but more desperate(?) replies.

Take a look at her last post, after all these pro-wind links she has forwarded on. At the protest VanBommel had said she has to take into account both sides of the issue. So when I asked why she doesn’t post any links about the other side, she wrote,  “I will if you will”. Has she seriously forgotten that she is an MPP working for US, representing OUR concerns in legislature??? My reply: “Unfortunately for you, I’m not your employee/MPP.”

Here’s the tedious read (do a skim…you’ll get the gist pretty soon)

  • MVanBommel Apr 4: ENVMIN John Wilkinson: NO scientific evidence that wind turbines harm people’s health. Superior Court upheld setback provisions. QP today.
  • EstherWrightman: You are wrong, Maria. Why do you deny us a full epidemiological study on wind turbines? WHY?
  • MVanBommel Apr 5: Wind energy = more investment, create jobs, revenue for municipalities, stabilize electricity prices, cut greenhouse gas emissions.
  • EstherWrightman: you seem to miss that Wind Energy = More Victims
  • MVanBommel Apr 5: Clean Energy Makes Ontario Business a Leader http://t.co/uH3PDpR
  • MVanBommel Apr 6: “There is currently no published scientific evidence to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects”:Australia
  • EstherWrightman : There is currently nobody in the Ont. Lib. party willing to conduct a full epidemiological study on the health effects of IWT’s
  • MVanBommel Apr 6: More than 100,000 respiratory ailments 200 premature deaths/yr air pollution from coal. Wind energy, says the WHO, will benefit health.
  • EstherWrightman: PROVE IT. Reference? Or is this more spin-lies? You were introduced to people suffering on Saturday from neg. health effects.
  • EstherWrightman: Maria Van Bommel now seems to believe we don’t need a health study on IWT’s. Does she support the gov’t funded one inWaterloo? Or not?
  • EstherWrightman: WHO guidelines require less than 35 dB for learning (Ref WHO, Noise and Health 1999.) -Adelaide school? Concentration at home? 
  • MVanBommel Apr 6: Interesting article: http://www.windsorstar.com/opinion/Anne+Jarvis+wind+power+bargain/4565990/story.html
  • MVanBommel Apr 7: Wind power clean, renewable, no greenhouse gas emissions/waste products. 1 modern wind turbine saves 4k tonnes of CO2 emissions/yr.
  • EstherWrightman: Wind turbines need massive amount of cement, made from-oil and gas, transported by oil & gas, plasticized out of oil and gas.
  • EstherWrightman: wind turbines only last 15 years, if you are lucky.
  • EstherWrightman: Clean? Magnets in the nacelles of IWT’s have some of the most toxic rare earth elements. Blades aren’t recyclable either.
  • MVanBommel Apr 7: New wind now costs the same as new coal—the tiebreaker is one of them kills you http://t.co/M9BrfkW via @grist
  • EstherWrightman: Do you need a death to take this seriously? If IWT’s were a drug/food that caused this much illness, they would’ve been banned. 

Missing tweet where Van Bommel said that wind was great because it blew strong in the winter, when we needed it most (maybe she actually agreed that she was wrong…) my response:

EstherWrightman: WRONG. It blows hard @ night when electricity is DOWN. Demand is higher in summer, when wind is DOWN. Get the facts straight.

  • MVanBommel Apr 7: China Installing Wind-power Capacity As Fast As It Can http://ow.ly/1c54yE
  • EstherWrightman: great,Ontario =China. A totalitarian gov’t on IWT’s – did we vote on this?
  • MVanBommel Apr 7: Wind Power Gaining Greater Support in Germany http://ow.ly/1c5irh
  • MVanBommel Apr 7: 80% of U.S. energy to be made from clean energy by 2035 http://ow.ly/1c3jiJ
  • MVanBommel Apr 7: @BohemianGriot Pro #renewableenergy? Wear your support at the next rally: http://bit.ly/cTEVM
  • EstherWrightman: How can MPP VanBommel claim listening to ‘both sides’ of wind issue if she RTs tweet for IWT buttons saying “Build Baby Build”? New Palin?
  • MVanBommel Apr 8: Renewable Energy – Lesson 10 – Being Green Feels Good http://bit.ly/hrMYAB
  • MVanBommel Apr 8: Renewable Energy 101 – What is Renewable Energy? http://bit.ly/hDrdQT
  • MVanBommel Apr 11: Renewable Energy – Lesson 5 – Renewable Energy Benefits http://bit.ly/fzgCZ3
  • MVanBommel Apr 11: IWT = enough clean electricity in 5 months to offset all greenhouse emissions in its manufacture, with clean electricity for another 25 yrs
  • EstherWrightman: You think IWT’s actually LAST 25 years? And when the wind doesn’t blow we are going to use….what? Gosh, don’t say “dirty gas”!
  • MVanBommel Apr 11: hydro-electric, solar, too. Nuclear will be about 50 percent of energy production. Read the long-term plan
  • EstherWrightman:  Really what will happen is you are converting coal plants to gas plants. Admit it. IWT’s are just a distraction.
  • MVanBommel Apr 11: 25yrs, that’s what turbine makers say, new factory in tillsonburg, new, clean jobs
  • EstherWrightman: “However,unlike nuclear, many ten to fifteen year-old turbines are past their useful life.” p.3 WIND ENERGY: THE CASE OF DENMARK (09/ 2009)
  • EstherWrightman: Whistling wind turbine with broken blade http://t.co/lVnSXt3 via @youtube Theses turbines are on their 2nd set of blades. 25 yr warranty?
  • MVanBommel Apr 11 Renewable Energy Solutions Are Currently Available http://bit.ly/fw1Tld
  • MVanBommel Apr 11: The planet we live on will have no oil resources by 2056. Renewable energy solutions will never expire and help the environment.
  • MVanBommel Apr 12 Renewable Energy from the Power of the Wind http://bit.ly/fYf43b
  • MVanBommel Apr 12: Doctors & Nurses support wind energy. Safe & Clean. http://www.thestar.com/mobile/business/article/972975
  • EstherWrightman:  This is your wind power expert doctor? Gideon Forman has no medical background. He has a degree in Philosophy.
  • MVanBommel Apr 12:  ON college of family physicians/RN Assoc of ON/Lung/Asthma Assoc. all doctors!
  • EstherWrightman:  Even own family Dr. is worried about wind turbines. Many nurses in our group don’t think they’re safe. Talk to the people.
  • MVanBommel Apr 12: “no direct causal link btwn wind turbine noise, adverse health effects”Dr.ArleneKing,ON Chief Medical Off of Health.
  • EstherWrightman:  Medical Officer of Health sees little advantage in province’s energy act: http://t.co/SNl6DOE “We know it disrupts people and communities.”
  • MVanBommel Apr 12: King reviewed all independent reports, no deadly effects from turbines found, unlike coal.
  • EstherWrightman:  MOH King never talked to anyone affected by wind turbines inOntario. Her ‘report’ means nothing to me without that knowledge.
  • EstherWrightman: INDIRECT causal link – just like smoking. Going to discount their suffering too? Answer the question: Why no study first???
  • MVanBommel Apr 12: Biofuels inNorthern Ontario coal plant. One step forward.
  • MVanBommel Apr 12:  Is your Conservative party promising to tear down all million dollar turbines inOntario?
  • EstherWrightman: http://t.co/n3wELJa,”there should be a moratorium on new wind farm developments until a comprehensive health study is completed”
  • MVanBommel Apr 12: We want you to be part of a Guinness World Record attempt in support of renewable energy! Click click >> on.fb.me/hyGTxk #UnfriendCoal
  • MVanBommel Apr 12: Interesting article: http://topnews.ae/content/22722-wind-turbines-not-bad-health-australian-study.
  • EstherWrightman :  I thought you said you were listening to both sides of the wind issue. I’ve only seen pro-wind articles posted here. Other side?
  • MVanBommel Apr 13:  I will if you will 

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  1. The liberal drones will fall hard in October. Just wait.

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