Ministry of the Environment says communities don’t need details

Did you know that when a wind developer holds its final mandatory Public Meeting, they do NOT have to have a hard copy of the final draft available for the public to view?

They can have a meeting with no information available. Apparently that makes sense to the MOE- us rural folk don’t need all them big documents to look over – we’re supposed to just believe the windy baloney from the sales reps and not ask questions or read.

That’s what happened in Alvinston for the GreenBreeze project (lots of lame posters and no hard copy documents), and the MOE said that no, they don’t need to have the document available for the public to view. In most of rural Ontario, there are quite a few people who cannot access highspeed internet from their home, so when a windy in front of a poster says ‘look it up online’, that isn’t easy done. (Try downloading a 44 MB pdf document on dial-up!)

I’m REALLY stumped as to why they have a meeting at all. We have a special unit police force patrolling these meetings to make sure nobody gets in a tiff, and I don’t even know why we are there in the first place. It’s like we are being set up.


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