NextEra Jericho project – 150 wind turbines

Below is correspondence from April 27th, 2011 between a resident and NextEra. Feel free to send them your thought on the project as well. I mean, this project alone could be 150 wind turbines.


Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in the Jericho project.  Please see below where I have responded to your individual questions in bold.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Derek Dudek| Community Relations Consultant

NextEra EnergyCanada, ULC
5500 North Service Road,Burlington,ONL7L 6W6
o:905.335.4904 x18          f:905.335.5731  mobile – 519.318.0237


Good morning,
I am a resident within the boundaries of the above mentioned proposed wind installation.  I have not heard anything since the original letter sent to residents on May 26, 2010, which provided notification of public information sessions.

Reviewing the draft document for the project, it describes the project as consisting of  “Up to 153 GE or 100 Siemens model wind turbine generators”, which does not appear to coincide with the information contained in the public notification – “consisting of up to 100 GE xle 1.5-MW turbines”.  Would you clarify what the number is?

The project will actually consist of between 54 – 93 turbines for a maximum of 150MW of energy which is what we would be contracted for by the Province to sell back to the grid.  However, for the purposes of the background environmental studies we are permitting the project for the aforementioned 100 – 153 turbines for flexibility to choose the best locations.  A number of turbine manufacturers and types are being considered in light of domestic content requirements in Ontario, including GE and Siemens, which reflect the range in number of turbines we may use.

Additionally, what is the current status of this project?

We are currently undertaking environmental fieldwork related to natural heritage matters (woodlands, wetlands, faunal habitat) and archaeological resources.

When is the second public meeting going to be scheduled?

It is currently planned for Fall 2011. We will provide notification via newspaper ads and letters at least 60 days prior to the event date.

Have any environmental assessments, including bird and bat assessments, been conducted?

Most of the avian and bat assessments were completed in 2010, with some additional seasonal studies to occur in 2011.

If so, how may I access that information?

All of that information will be made available to the public in the fall of 2011 prior to our final public meeting.  There will be public notices to advise as to where and when it will be available for review.  We will also be sending community newsletters with updates so please provide us your address, if interested, and we will ensure you receive one.  In addition, will always have the most recent materials for review.

Has all required land been secured?

For the most part, however we are always seeking additional land to ensure an efficient wind farm layout. 

What farms are being considered or have been selected for turbine/substation placement?

We do not yet have a draft layout of turbine locations.  We will have a layout available after the environmental fieldwork is completed in advance of our public meeting in the fall.  The locations of the turbines/substation will be established by balancing numerous criteria, including setbacks, proximity to environmentally sensitive areas, minimization of noise impacts, avoidance of telecommunications interference, access to transmission lines, construction of a collector system, manufacturer minimum spacing requirements, landowner interest, overall energy production, and access to wind resources. The selected turbine sites best fit within these various constraints

Thank you for the information.
Marcelle Brooks


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