Sierra Club wants to influence our council’s decisions

The Sierra Club now finds it necessary to target our rural communities and lobby our local government officials.   Below is a letter that Adelaide-Metcalfe council received.

**The council agreed to have the Sierra Club at their next council meeting on June 20th,2011. Meet them at the township office and let them know we don’t appreciate cities dictating to us that WE should WANT industrial wind turbines by our homes, schools and farms. The Sierra Club is presenting a ‘review’ by a couple interns (basically you or I or our grade schooled child could write one of these).  What they would like to do is convince our council that it really isn’t necessary to have health studies done on wind turbines, and that we should have the request for a moratorium repealed. BS! Get out of our township, Sierra Club!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

It is our understanding that, as in many other regions of Ontario, your council has encountered discussion regarding wind turbine development. In some areas this debate has included calls for a moratorium on wind turbine development in Ontario, until such time as there is sufficient scientific evidence on the potential health impacts.

Sierra Club Canada requests the opportunity to attend the next council meeting and present the results of our exhaustive review of the medical studies from Ontario and around the world. The review was conducted to determine the validity of public concerns over the potential health impacts.

Sierra Club Canada has a long history of assisting communities adversely impacted by industrial development. Our participation has always been based on the best available scientific information.

Our members expect us to put public health and environmental protection in forefront.

Given the controversy surrounding wind turbines in Ontario, the significant role renewable energy can play in revitalizing Ontario’s economy and the emotionally charged accusatory tone of the present public discourse; Sierra Club Canada believes it is important the debate be based on objective scientific observation.

A copy of our report is available at

We look forward to meeting with council at its earliest convenience.


John Bennett

Executive Director

Sierra Club Canada

412-1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa ON KIN 7B7

Tel: (613) 241 -461 1 Fax: (613) 241 -2292 email: web:

Download Sierra Club’s appeal to rural Councils


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